Diamonds and Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas

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We are a true wholesaler. We cut and manufacture our diamonds in Israel, which provides you the consumer, the ability to cut out several brokers that traditionally receive their share of the profit before the diamond arrives to the jeweler and then to you.


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Diamonds and Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas:

Diamonds and Custom Diamond Engagement Rings in Dallas

Wholesale Loose Diamonds:

Wholesale Loose Diamonds Welcome to Motek Diamonds your source of loose wholesale diamonds. Motek Diamonds prides itself in offering the best value for all your loose diamond needs. We manufacture our loose diamonds in some of the worlds premiere diamond cutting facilities. Dealing with Motek Diamond directly insures you the best possible loose diamond prices anywhere in the world. Our staff are experts in loose diamond evaluation and are eager to educate you while guiding you through the diamond buying experience. Through Motek Diamonds, you will gain access to the inner circle of the wholesale loose diamond business, cutting out the "middlemen" in your loose diamond buying process.

Diamond Color:

Diamond Color Diamond color is one of four major characteristics that are considered when determining a diamond's quality and value. They are known as the Four C's, and the remaining three are color,clarity ,and carat weight.Understanding these four diamond characteristics and how they interact can help you select a diamond that suits your tastes and your pocketbook.

Heart Shaped Diamonds :

Heart Shaped Diamonds Though a technical description of the Heart Shaped Diamond is anything but sentimental, (the heart shaped diamond is essentially a pear-shaped diamond with a cleft at the top), the diamond itself is is considered by some to be the most romantic of all diamond cuts.

For more information please visit our website :

For more information please visit our website

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