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Web Quests:

Web Quests Morgan Henning

What is a Web Quest? :

What is a Web Quest? By definition “An inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all the information that students interact with comes from resources on the internet”

What is it used for?:

What is it used for? It is a lesson plan online. Students can use a website the teacher has created to do assignments.

Advantages :

Advantages There are many websites that allow teachers or students to create webquests. Webquests can be modified from one that has already been created Guides students on what to look at when surfing the web.

2 Types of Webquests:

2 Types of Webquests Short term- Can be completed in a couple class periods Long term- Can take up to a month to complete

Layout of Webquest:

Layout of Webquest Introduction Task Process Information/Resources Evaluation Conclusion

Introduction :

Introduction Should Include an attention grabber Show students what they are to learn about Task Show what student to do to complete quest This also includes a presentation such as power point or speech etc.


Process Steps are described Provides advice and comments for help Information/Resources Includes teacher selected websites Includes non web sources such as worksheets or books.


Evaluation Includes Rubrics Shows how knowledge will be measured Conclusion Closure to quest Reviews knowledge from lesson

Sources to Create you own Webquest:

Sources to Create you own Webquest http://teacherweb.com/tweb/twquest.aspx http://zunal.com/


References http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/webquests/ http://www.umsl.edu/~naumannj/technology/WebQuests-a.ppt

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