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Digital Storytelling:

Digital Storytelling Morgan Gazay


Definition Practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories Vary in length, but on average last between two to ten minutes Most are used for education

Other Words used for Digital Storytelling:

Other Words used for Digital Storytelling Digital Documentaries Computer-based Narratives Digital Essays Electronic Memoirs Interactive Storytelling

Differences in Digital Storytelling and Traditional Storytelling:

Differences in Digital Storytelling and Traditional Storytelling Traditional: Specific topic and particular point of view Digital: Mix of computer based images, text, recorded audio narration, video clips, music

Educational Uses:

Educational Uses Have students create stories Fun way to present new material Can be used as a set to capture attention of students Enhance current lessons within a larger unit Facilitate discussion about topics

Resourceful Websites:

Resourceful Websites Software to download Educational materials Example projects How to create a digital story

Resourceful Websites:

Resourceful Websites 50 tools useful when making a digital story: Includes software, step by step tutorials, and educational uses

Resourceful Websites:

Resourceful Websites Great website for a teacher completely new to digital storytelling Includes why teachers should use digital storytelling, storytelling tools, examples, resources, and how to integrate digital storytelling

Digital Storytelling Wordle:

Digital Storytelling Wordle

Example of Digital Storytelling:

Example of Digital Storytelling



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