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Morepen Laboratories, best known as the manufacturer of glucometers, thermometers, and other medical devices, apart from medicines and over-the-counter products, is now entering the health services industry.


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Multimedia Todays Paper Topics ePaper WealthCheck Home News Markets Companies Money Banking Economy Info-tech Opinion Specials Luxe Portfolio Catalyst BLink Follow F o l l o w Follow SEARCH GO You Might Also Like R ecom m ended by Morepen Labs entering health services with cardiac centres AESHA DATTA Tweet 0 Share Share Morepen Laboratories best known as the manufacturer of glucometers thermometers and other medical devices apart from medicines and over-the-counter products is now entering the health services industry. Dr Morepen a wholly-owned subsidiary of Morepen Laboratories recently started NOW Nation on Wellness Wellness Centre to promote cardiac health through non-invasive external counter pulsation ECP technology. Varun Suri Chief Executive Officer Dr Morepen said that while the technology is already being used in several corporate hospital chains in the country it is not being used as a preventive tool as Morepen intends to. In the coming three to five years the company intends to start at least 100 such centres — both company-owned as well as franchise — starting with six in the National Capital Region. The total investment in this venture will be over Rs. 100 crore since each centre requires Rs. 1-2 crore. Preventive tool According to research the technology which increases the blood flow to the heart by synchronised compression to the legs thighs and waist is considered safe and beneficial for patients with blocked arteries and congestive heart diseases. However ECP has the potential to act as a preventive tool in managing cardiac health said Jyoti Sinha Chief Cardiologist Dr Morepen. “This is a preventive measure. Within a healthy heart apart from the three major arteries you have a network of major blood that is natural bypasses that link with each other and provide blood throughout the heart. With ECP we have seen that such collaterals also get formed and the natural bypass can be created.” The lack of exercise due to sedentary lifestyles result in lack of this network of natural bypasses and an artery blockage can result in a massive attack that can be fatal. Athletes and those with rigorous physical activity have been seen to have ‘natural bypasses’ that prevent the loss of blood supply to a large part of the heart in case of a blockage. Suri said Dr Morepen intends to target all kinds of people – those who currently have no symptoms those who have underlying issues such as weight diabetes and others and those who already have heart problems. “Almost 95 per cent people are safe to use ECP. For people who are not safe to use it we will ask them to go for surgery as suggested by doctors. Anyway this has multiple benefits because it improves your blood circulation helps control diabetes erectile dysfunction and overall fatigue.” Along with the ECP machine for which the company has partnered with Singapore-based Renew Group these centres will also have physiotherapy equipment for patients yoga studio nutritionists and even labs for tests. Dr Morepen will target all kinds of people — those with no symptoms those who have underlying issues and those who already have heart problems. See Also 1 Best Investments for Retirement 2 Federal Education Loans 3 Small Business Ideas Arm to invest over Rs. 100 crore to start around 100 centres New Delhi April 10: × This article was published in the Business Line print edition dated A pril 11 2016 Project-Based ERP Is Like a Project Manager Accountant in 1 Program Deltek Cetuximab Continues to Show Promise in Head and Neck Cancer Targeted Oncology Professional Liability Insurance: Myth vs. Reality Proliability PRINT · T+ Like Like 0 Share converted by W eb2PDFConvert.com

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