5 Tips for Building Your Social Media Presence for B2B Tech Marketing

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Once upon a time social media was primarily used for personal interactions, reconnections with old friends and to share the minute details of one’s daily activities.


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5 Tips for Building Your Social Media Presence for B2B Tech Marketing Once upon a time social media was primarily used for personal interactions reconnections with old friends and to share the minute details of one ’s daily activities. Today social media has become a mainstay in the business world as well. Nearly every company —consumer and B2B high-tech marketing —in every market corporate to start-up interacts on social media at some point. It has become a valuable tool to communicate and engage directly with customer audiences in real-time. But even once you ’ve accepted the necessity of your brand on social media platforms building your presence can be daunting. Below are five tips to help you strengthen your online presence:  Start with specific goals relevant to B2B tech audience. If you ’re trying to attract B2B tech audiences it ’s not enough to be on social media because your competitors are. In fact if you don ’t have a defined plan consistent post frequency and follower engagement social media can actually be bad for your company. Start with a list of small achievable goals and work your way up. Example goals include: o Increase followers by 25 by the close of 4th Quarter Business o Post 2x per day and set aside a half hour for replies retweets and other engagement o Participate in daily conversations taking place on the various platforms and in hashtag trends  Practice the 80/20 Rule and provide information useful for B2B tech professionals. This means that 80 of the time your posts should include educational informative and other types of content that is of value to your B2B tech professional or consumer. You can do this by sharing information from relevant industry publications and news sites publishing original content including tips facts best practices etc. The other 20 of the time your posts can be promotional. This is not to say that promotional content can ’t also be valuable. After all customers do want to know what you have to offer and how they can gain access however constantly focusing on the sale can be bothersome and may cause followers to unfollow your feed.

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 Know your audience for each platform —especially as B2B tech audiences. It is important to understand how each social media platform is best used. For example Twitter is best for short and to the point information that can include a link or tag to further info. LinkedIn is a great platform to tell a longer story and share original long-form content. Instagram is the best place for a visual representation of your products technologies and company overall.  Identify your target with the larger B2B tech audience. It ’s also important to identify who you are aiming to speak to on social media. It is not possible to speak to everyone and doing so would be a waste of resources and can deter from the benefits social media offers. Instead spend the time identifying who from your customer demographic is the most active on social media which platforms they use the most and the engagement they participate in. Doing so helps you identify your company voice choose content that positively resonates with your customers and gives you a better understanding of when and at what frequency you should be posting.  Find your voice. If ever there were a place to have fun with your brand it is social media. The rise in activity on social media platforms has allowed customers to see inside the companies they are interested in. In turn this has created the expectation from consumers to see behind traditional relationship lines via a two-way conversation. Our websites inform about who we are and what we do but social media shows a deeper look at the company personality. Make sure you define your company voice and stick to it. It ’s also important to pre-plan your activity in the occurrence of certain events keeping in mind: o Is it necessary and expected for your company to comment on global events o Knowing your position in the industry and commenting accordingly o Considering your content and making sure it isn ’t alienating any of your audiences o Being mindful of what is happening in your industries at all times and discussing a position ahead of time in case it is necessary to comment

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 Be responsive. This is perhaps the single most important item to note for building your social media presence and more importantly success. It is expected that opening a new line of communication makes you vulnerable to receiving negative feedback on a very public forum. If this happens it is important to address the sender as quickly as possible by acknowledging their feedback and requesting to take the conversation offline to discuss a solution. This is a great opportunity to show your audiences that you are responsible and in tune with customer service. It is also worth noting that positive feedback should be acknowledged as well as it also shows you are attentive and engaged. Every company can use social media to their benefit. There is room for every market within B2B high-tech marketing every product and service type whether you offer a fashion consumer product a cybersecurity platform and even high-tech PR firms. If you ’re in need of further assistance in building your social media presence reach out to Montner Tech PR an experienced PR agency serving the Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv. Happy posting For more info Log on to https://www.montner.com/blog/2019/3/6/5-tips-for-building- your-social-media-presence-for-b2b-tech-marketing Contact Us: 180 Post Road East Westport Connecticut USA 06880 203-226-9290

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