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Arabic verve running through a sharp modern trace brings out an elegant feel of the mid-century Arabic tradition. Monnaie the largest interior designing firm provides the beautiful Arabian interior designs in Kerala. To know more visit our website.


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Minimalist Approach:

Minimalist Approach Monnaie Architects & Interiors


Minimalism as the name says is use of less components which are essential or we can say as the removal of all non-essential components. In other words, minimalism is based on the idea of using only what is needed, with an emphasis on space utilization effectively. Using a minimalist approach will avoid use of clutter and distractions. Over a period of time most home owners ends up taking more and more items without knowing what is needed and what is simply taking up space for absolutely no reason at all. Here are some tips for creating a more minimalist home. Arabian Style Interior Designs in Kerala


Space creation is the main factor in minimalistic design as taking up the essentials is always preferred. Exposing of space for just taking space are to be avoided and keeping it clutter free is always advisable. Keeping the furniture to the minimum is preferred. As a bedroom needs nothing more than a bed, a small side table, wardrobe and perhaps a chair, if you really aspire to a true minimalist design. In the same way when we plan a living room we may need enough seating for the average number of people generally occupying your home. So setting up your space to seat twenty when only three live in the home is an unnecessary use of space.


Organization and storage is the key to maintain a minimalistic design.  Concealed units play a major role for instance keep things like books, clothing, cleaning products, cosmetics and other everyday items out of sight and organized within drawers and closets. In this way Minimalism is about tricking the eye into believing there is less when, in reality, things are simply well hidden . Color schemes  for being minimalist can be taken of a single tone furniture. White and black color are the staple that are meant to be unobtrusive. When the chairs, tables and wall structure are the same color will help to keep the ambiance relaxed and easy. Green, blue, black and white, are the perfect colors to use in home design which is aimed at minimalism. Interior Designers in Kerala


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