7 Healthy Reasons For RV Camping.

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Do you own an RV? If yes, then you must be planning on your next RV camping. If you are searching for new reasons for RV camping then let us provide you that. Monkey Island RV, a Grand Lake cabin rental service provider brings you the 7 healthy reason for RV camping.


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FRESH AIR When you spend time camping in a forest around a lot of trees your oxygen intake increases and you experience a sense of happy feeling in your mind. Science says that the release of serotonin from extra oxygen intake makes you energized and your body functions less strained. You can also improve your digestion immunity and blood pressure due to the presence of extra oxygen and fewer pollutant levels. Chose an RV park with natural surroundings so that you can enjoy the beauty of nature and be away from the city and pollution. 0 1

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SOCIALIZATION Socialization is another reason to try RV camping.  RV camping can be an opportunity to go on a bonding trip with family and friends. Many RV park offer activities such as boating fishing basketball courts volleyball courts and more. Also you can meet new people and make good friends while going out for camping. 0 2

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LESS STRESS Your day to day life can negatively affect your health and one of the main reason is stress. No one can judge the stress level better than you. During those few days of RV camping you are putting less strain on your physical and mental health. So if you want to be relieved from the stress then RV camping is perfect for you. Chose an RV park which has the relaxing and natural environment. 0 3

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IMPROVED MOODS Regular campers will tell you about the improvements in their mood.This is scientifically proven that spending time outside under the sun lowers the melatonin level in your brain. Melatonin is responsible for inducing the feeling of depression and tiredness. RV camping will help you to experience that good feeling within yourself. 0 4

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EXERCISE Most important benefit of camping is that you are doing a lot of physical activities. Even if you take a trip for fishing you are burning more calories than usual. 0 5

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SOUND SLEEP After a day of full outdoor activities and RVing you will fall fast asleep. Sleep has a significant effect on all the functions of the body. Regular RV campers will tell you about how their sleep cycle improved after camping. A good nights sleep will help to reduce inflammation improve your cardiovascular system and increase alertness. 0 6

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MEDITATION When you are out camping try to be disconnected for a few days and enjoy the simplicity around. This is just not a general advice to enjoy your trip but actually to keep you healthy. If you are RV camping in a calm natural environment make sure you engage yourself in meditation. Meditation has many health benefits and the calm environment around will help you meditate better. 0 7

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