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Your foundation makeup is about helping your skin look its best and not looking like you've got product layers on it. Here's what you can do to get your makeup nailed!


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Sweat Control W ater C ontrol R esistant Powder


Summer is very challenging time for a girl who love adorning makeup. It can be a true challenge to select a foundation that meets the requirements of your skin–it comes in numerous colours and formulas. Nights are also cruel sometimes.


Sweat control water-resistant makeup is the saviour at this point of time. It's also the trickiest makeup product to use as it can either offer you that dreamy, flawless skin, or if you get it wrong, it can have the precise opposite impact. You'll end up with the correct one with a wee bit of experience and an awareness of your skin, without looking like wearing a mask.


T he right foundation that stays onto the skin . A Soft Creamy Whipped Formula that is long lasting & blends very smoothly with your skin coor . Best Powder foundation designed just keeping this in mind.


For Cheeks T hat Reveal A Confident You! Blue heaven foundation s ome other features are Hydrated Magnesium Silicate, Kaolin, Zinc Stearate & Mica, Permitted Preservative, Perfume & May Contains In-Organic Iron Oxides.


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