All About Puerto Rico

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All About Puerto Rico:

All About Puerto Rico

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Table of Contents Country Profile Explore Puerto Rico San Juan Ponce Fajardo Rincon

Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Capital: San Juan Location: Caribbean Sea Climate: Humid Currency: USD Nationality: Puerto Rican National Anthem: La Borinqueña Language: Spanish Government: Unincorporated territory of the United States

Explore Puerto Rico:

Explore Puerto Rico San Juan Ponce Fajardo Rincon

San Juan:

San Juan San Juan is the capital and most populous city in Puerto Rico. Founded in 1521 by Juan Ponce de León, who named it City of Puerto Rico (Rich Port). The capital of Puerto Rico is the oldest city under U.S. jurisdiction, but some people argue than St. Augustine, Florida, founded in 1565 is the oldest city in the continental United States.


Ponce With a population of 194,636, Ponce is Puerto Rico's second largest city (San juan is the first and Mayaguez is the third). Ponce is commonly known by several names: " La Perla del Sur " (Pearl of the South), " La Ciudad de los Leones " (City of Lions), or " La Ciudad de las Quenepas " ( Genip City). Ponce is also known as the " Ciudad Señorial " (Majestic or Noble City), because of its many beautiful neoclassical buildings and facades.


Fajardo Fajardo is known as " La Metrópolis del Sol Naciente " (the city that guards the sun of the Caribbean). Fajardo was founded in 1772. It was originally named Santiago de Fajardo


Rincon Rincón is known as " Pueblo del Surfing " (the surfing town) and " El Pueblo de los Bellos Atardeceres " (the town of beautiful sunsets). Rincón was founded in 1771 by Luis de Añasco . The town of Rincón is located in the Western Coastal Valley, west of Añasco and Aguada . To the north, nestles between " La Cadena " Mountains and a series of beaches facing the Atlantic to the north and the Caribbean to the south. The half-dozen reef-lined Atlantic beaches have become a winter mecca for skilled surfers since the World Surfing Championship was held here nearly twenty years ago. Endangered humpback whales visit in the winter.

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