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There is an amazing new book called, "Money Secrets 101.Written by JANET XUCCOA. It covers nearly everything you need to know about managing, saving and investing your money.


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How to Start Managing Your Money


ABOUT AUTHOR OF ‘MONEY SECRETS 101’ Hi, my name is Janet Xuccoa and I am a Partner at a firm in Auckland New Zealand where I run the Professional Trustee division for the practice. Over the years I have written numerous articles for different publications and I hold degrees in accounting and law. I travel regularly around New Zealand and Australia presenting to various groups helping people like yourself to learn how to manage money at the simplest and easiest level that works.

Money Management Tips:

Money management is the art of knowing where you are spending your money today and having a well-thought-out plan in place for where you want it to go in the future. This book will cover the core concepts of money management and teach you many things. Money Management Tips

How To Manage, Save and Invest Your Money Right Now?:

How To Manage, Save and Invest Your Money Right Now? Your money is a huge part of your life. It can determine what you can do and where you can go. Learning how to manage your money the right way is an important step toward taking control of your life. Understand where your money is coming from, where it's going to, and how to make sure that the way you manage your money falls in line with the values that matter most to you. Establish yourself financially Understand your income Manage your bank accounts Start budgeting Save money Use your credit cards wisely Review and understand your credit report Prevent and detect identity theft Manage your student loan debt Use calculators Read book for other money management resources .

Get Money Managing Tips:

Get Money Managing Tips Get Money Managing Tips


Important Points that you Will Learn from "Money Secrets 101"

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