Your Stockbroker Hates Gold: The Ugly Truth


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Money Metals spoke to several brokers about what they thought the best ways to invest money are. The brokers insisted on anonymity, as you'll see...


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No one knows that better than Wall Street and your local stockbroker.

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However they don’t want you buying gold or even thinking about gold and treat you shabbily if you do.

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One stockbroker told us “I don’t like gold but if I did I couldn’t talk to you about it. I’d lose my license.”

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He then added “You’re not using names for this article right”

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The fact is they can’t sell physical gold.

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The fact is they can’t sell physical gold. And they don’t know any more about it than most Americans.

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They rely on Wall Street’s mantra dismissing precious metals as a murky investment.

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The most important reason hates gold: WALL st

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Precious metals in your possession have no counterparties no continuing fees and no commissions unlike the thousands of investments brokers sell.

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Once you own gold that part of your wealth and your future is out of Wall Street’s hands.

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Stockbrokers don ’t get paid if you buy physical gold and silver.

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