Best UAE Photography: The Art of the Image

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Best UAE Photography: The Art of the Image Are you looking for Photography in Dubai UAE  Find The Best  Photography within the Dubai UAE community. Here are some best Dubai UAE photography have you look into This. 1 Humble Discovery Picture by DAVID ZHANG: The Liwa dunes in Abu Dhabi can be humbling for off­roaders and surely offer them an unbeatable playground. Click   :­­selection/products/liwa­ desert 2 Chilly Morning in DIFC Chilly   morning   in   DIFC’   by     DANIEL CHEONG "Dubai   city   lights   make   the   most beautiful colored fog shot and this one in particular shows great movement of the fog along with a great alignment of the Sheikh Zayed road buildings towards the   morning   light.   It   is   one   of   my favorite pictures because it conveys the very   essence   of   the   early   morning experience to the viewer." Click   :­­morning­in­difc­ uncompleted­1

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3 Desert Crossing Ive   always   wanted   to   capture   that classic   scene   of   the   camel   caravan crossing   the   desert   in   glorious Panavision cinema format. But that proved to be easier said than done. You wont find such views by driving on the highway through the desert or near the city. Youll have to take your camera into the deep desert and that requires a great deal of planning and a touch of luck." Click:­­selection/products/copper­ ocean 4 A Sea of Lights The fog at the morning blue hour creates amazing   sci­fi   sceneries   and   the   Burj Khalifa adds its own unique presence and futuristic   personality.   This   could   be   a scene from Star Wars." Click   :­­selection/products/a­ sea­of­lights­uncompleted

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5 From Above "This vertigo perspective of DIFC was taken from the top floor of the Index Tower in May 2013. I was happy to capture   this   moment   where   the skyscrapers   of   Sheikh   Zayed   road seemed to be holding a large wave of fog coming from inland." Click:­­selection/products/from­ above­uncompleted­1  Contact Us  Company Name   :­ Monda Gallery Website               :­ Email Id              :­ Telephone          :­ +971 55 269 0289 States                   :­ United Arab Emirates  City                     :­ Dubai

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