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Internet 2:

Molly Brewer BCIS 3610.050 Internet 2

What is Internet 2?:

What is Internet 2? Not really a technology A not-for-profit organization Created an advanced internet

Motivation and Purpose:

Motivation and Purpose What problem is the emerging technology designed to resolve? Designed to replace slow internet Major use to advance technologies Art, health, medicine, science and education


Area Where will the technology be used? Universities (including UNT!), research facilities, and government West Nile research, NASA, medicinal world 66,000 institutions, 50 different countries

Internet2 and the world:

Internet2 and the world

How it works:

How it works How does the technology work? Very similar to today’s internet Routers, servers, switches, computers Large capacity fiber-optic cables

The Inventor:

The Inventor Who developed the technology? 1996 Convention with 34 universities Now has 350 members, 60,000 entities Plans for much, much more

Pros and Cons:

Pros and Cons What are the technology’s pros and cons? Pros: Advances in commerce and technology NASA, surgeries Cons: Cost Lack of public availability

Pros and Cons:

Pros and Cons How well does the technology accomplish its objectives? Capable of delivering up to 400Gbps Plans to reach 8.8 Tbps My computer: 15.43Mbps


Standardization Will the technology be a standard, and if so, at what stage in the standards process is it? 200,000 more organizations No plans to replace current internet Seven Strategic Focus Areas

Seven Strategic focus areas:

Seven Strategic focus areas


Competitors What are other competitive technologies? ESnet , Level 3 Communications Neither are as advanced Been around longer Not as fast

Competition map:

Competition map


Conclusion What limitations does the technology have? None Continuously grow and upgrade


Conclusion What impact will the technology have on real life? Support current internet multiple times over Smart phones New products

Reference and Citations:

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