A Complete Guide on What Type of Extensions will Suit Your Hair


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A Complete Guide on What Type of Extensions will Suit Your Hair:

A Complete Guide on What Type of Extensions will Suit Your Hair

Revolution of Hair Extensions:

Revolution of Hair Extensions Hair is an important body part. It is a major part that requires effort in styling when getting ready for an important event. However , most of the girls are not satisfied with their natural looking hair. They are more attracted towards whatever is new in the fashion market that they could use in order to make their hair look flawless . Hair extensions have revolutionized the fashion industry. It has become a problem solver for many girls with hair styling issues

Human Hair Extensions:

Human Hair Extensions In selecting the hair extensions, there is a lot of fuss that goes into selecting the right one. Always try to buy human hair extensions while keeping in mind the natural and true color of your hair so that they would not look exceptional or out of way.

Guidelines For Selecting Hair Extensions:

Guidelines For Selecting Hair Extensions For the hair that is thicker and is medium; not very thin, the best hair extension that would suit will be bonded or fusion hair extensions. These hair extensions are glued with keratin protein with your natural hair. These extensions are fused into your hair by attaching the hair extension with strands of your natural hair.

For Thin Hair::

For Thin Hair: Girls with very thin hair can use tape-in hair extensions. It is clear by the name of the extensions these hair extensions are taped with the natural hair either single sided or double sided. These are suitable for girls with thin hair because the tape is practically unseen.


Wefts: Sew or weave-in hair extensions are best for those with curly, frizzy or coarse hair. The wefts of hair are sewn into a braid like structure in this specific hair extension type while using a needle or a thread. This hair extension is not for everyone, especially those with fine and thin hair because these are heavy and if not much care is given then these can damage thin hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions::

Clip In Hair Extensions: Hair with good and medium density, clip-in hair extension is the most suitable one. Clip-in hair extensions are the strands of hair with a very string clip at its top. This clip is then attached to your natural hair enhancing the beauty of your natural hair. These can provide the additional density to the hair with medium or low density.


Coloured: After deciding the hair extension in accordance with your hair type. It is very much important to select the hair extensions in accordance with your natural color as well. One cannot use the jet black hair extension over natural blonde hair. So try finding the hair extensions that closely match your natural hair color.


Precautions: Make sure that your natural hair is being blended nicely with your hair extensions. Read the guides that come with the extension carefully. Try to avoid using the conditioner and certain oils that would damage the hair extensions. Take good care of your hair extensions in order to maintain its quality.

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