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Groupdeal takes a massive step forward to improve user features and site abilities for their smarter and cheaper deals


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Groupon Clone:

Groupon Clone For starting a website based on group buying concept!

The origin of group buying concept:

The origin of group buying concept Group buying, also known as collective buying, offers products and services at significantly reduced prices on the condition that a minimum number of buyers would make the purchase. Origins of group buying can be traced to China where team buying was executed to get discount prices from retailer when a large group of people were willing to buy the same item. In recent time, group buying websites have emerged as a major player in online shopping business. Typically, these websites feature a “ Daily deal script ”, with the deal kicking in once a set number of people agree to buy the product or service. Buyers then print off a voucher to claim their discount at the retailer. Many of the group-buying sites work by negotiating deals with local merchants and promising to deliver crowds in exchange for discounts.

How it works?:

How it works? The Daily deal business model works by offering retailers the opportunity to market discounted services or products directly to the customers of the deal company. The deal company takes a profit from the deals sold through direct marketing efforts such as email. It benefits both retailers and consumers as retailers build brand loyalty and while quickly moving surplus inventory. If subscribers to a discount website are tempted by a discount offer, they enter their payment details online and wait. Once a minimum number of people sign up for the same offer, the deal is confirmed and a voucher is sent to their inboxes. Shops, restaurants and other retailers that partner with these discount websites have to take hefty price cuts. But it means they have instant access to a whole new group of customers.

How it works?:

How it works? The online group buying market is fragmented among hundreds of smaller players worldwide. The model has little barriers to entry and has gained attention from shoppers and businesses alike globally…According to SmartMoney , by August 2010, there were more than 500 group-buying sites worldwide, including local sites that cater only to a single city in some instances. Once the minimum number of deals have been sold via the website, customers’ credit cards are charged and the deal is delivered as an electronic voucher, redeemable at the retailer or service provider’s location. The promotional value of the vouchers purchased from deal of the day websites typically expire after a certain period, but maintain the value at which they were paid for. Common products sold include apparel, restaurant and bars offers, salon and spa services, tickets to special events, health and fitness products, travel promotions, and medical services.

Economies of scale :

Economies of scale Save an hefty dollar through Group buying Economies of scale here generally refers to the degree of savings that you can make specially from your retail purchases. Take the above example where the buyers availing an discount of $25 on the $50 T-shirt, which is just about 50% discount on the T-shirt, where if a buyer tries to purchase the T-shirt single handedly would be paying $50, so the power of Group buying mainly helps in saving the money excessively and exclusively.


Groupon Groupon is the daily deal websites that serves many major international markets, offering one coupon per day in each these markets. You can’t go anywhere online these days without spotting a Groupon ad. It’s theory as we all know – the social features of its deep-discount offers for local merchants — a certain size group had to sign up in order for the deal to be “on” has been the reason for the huge success. Back in 2010 Groupon was expected to make $800m this year – and in a market with an awareness of just 10%, imagine what their future earnings could be like. Groupon have announced that in 2011 they will be gunning for a turnover of $1.5bn, which tells you something about the growth of the group buying industry when the market leader is targeting nearly 100% growth in a year, and with so much more to offer and provide you can just imagine it’s scale-growth for 2012 and the upcoming years.


Suggestions If you are currently looking to start your own group buying website then take a look at this website, GroupDeal. Group Deal is Agriya’s group buying software. The daily deal website that brings you deals prevailing in your city right in your inbox each day. It could be deep discounts on food, entertainment, holiday or things to buy. For over a year, Agriya has been selling the GroupDeal software and enabling entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to build highly profitable group buying websites.

Why suggest this product?:

Why suggest this product? Multiple Coupon Options, Now You Can Manage The Currencies From All Over The World, Android and iPhone Applications Launched For GroupDeal, Intuitive admin area.

Thank you!:

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