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in a TOUGH Working Environment

Attitude is Everything !!! : 

Attitude is Everything !!!

How Much Do You See of an Iceberg ?? : 

How Much Do You See of an Iceberg ??

The Iceberg : 

The Iceberg

The Iceberg : 

The Iceberg

The Iceberg : 

The Iceberg The Iceberg Phenomena is Also Applicable on Human Beings….

The Iceberg : 

The Iceberg In Other Words,

The Iceberg : 

The Iceberg

The Iceberg : 

The Iceberg

What makes your life 100% : 

What makes your life 100% ????????????????????????

The CAN DO Attitude : 

The CAN DO Attitude You Can Do Everything, But not All at Once You Can Do Everything, If it’s Important Enough for You to Do You Can Do Everything, But You May not be the Best at Everything You Can Do Everything, But There will be Limitations You Can Do Everything, But You Will Need Help

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude : 

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude A Positive Thought is the Seed of a Positive Result. If You Don’t Like Something, Change It. If You Can’t Change It, Change Your Attitude. Don’t Complain. The Most Significant Change in a Person’s Life is a Change of Attitude. Right Attitude Produce Right Actions. If You Really Want to Be Happy, Nobody Can Stop You Except God

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude : 

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude Whether a Glass in Half-Full or Half-Empty, Depends on the Attitude of the Person Looking at It. There is a Better Way for Everything. Find It. A Positive Attitude is Not a Destination. It is a Way of Life. The Difference Between a Successful Person and Others is not a Lack of Knowledge, But Rather a Lack of Will.

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude : 

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude The Positive Thinker Sees the Invisible, Feels the Intangible, and Achieves the Impossible. The Man With Confidence in Himself Gains the Confidence of Others. You will Only Go as Far as You Think You Can Go. The Biggest Mistake of All is to Avoid Situations in Which You Might Make a Mistake.

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude : 

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude A Positive Attitude is Like a Magnet for Positive Results. Our Life is a Reflection of Our Attitude. Positive Attitudes Create a Chain Reaction of Positive Thoughts. Attitude, not Aptitude, Determines Your Behavior. No Man Falls if He Does His Best.

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude : 

Best Quotes on Posi+ive Attitude Sooner or Later, Those Who Win are Those Who Think They Can. A Creative Attitude is the Fuel of Progress and Growth. Either I will Find a Way, or I will Make One. Be the Change You Want to See in This World. Forgive Others and You will be Forgiven.

Ways of Expressing Posi+ive Attitude : 

Ways of Expressing Posi+ive Attitude Positive thinking Constructive thinking Creative thinking Expecting success Optimism Motivation to accomplish your goals Being inspired Choosing happiness Not giving up Looking at failure and problems as blessings in disguise Believing in yourself Displaying self-esteem Looking for solutions Seeing opportunities

Benefits of Posi+ive Attitude : 

Benefits of Posi+ive Attitude Achieving your goals and attaining success Success achieved faster and more easily More happiness More energy Greater inner power and strength The ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others Fewer difficulties encountered The ability to surmount any difficulty Life smiles at you People respect you

The Environment : 

The Environment YOU Beware the Bullets!

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- Dog eat dog . . . everyone fighting to get ahead - No one appreciates your contributions - Too much work . . . not enough help - Deadlines are unrealistic - Longer hours . . . additional work - Budget Constraints - Competition is eating us alive - Poor management / direction - Job insecurity

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Bulldozers Snipers Exploders Clams Patronizers Complainers Controllers Backstabbers Walking Wounded Negatives Gossips Brown Nosers Sluffers Whiners

Slide 29: 

Challenges our paradigms (concept/theory) Alters the way we think Makes life more difficult for a while Causes Stress Is an ongoing fact of life “The only person who always likes change is a wet baby”

Slide 31: 

Media Frenzy A recent Statistic: Food Grains Reserve up 100% in Bangladesh reporting down 200%, Look at what you are looking at !!!

Slide 32: 

GENETIC: My Grandparents did it to me. (Inherited traits) PSYCHIC: My Parents did it to me. (Upbringing) ENVIRONMENTAL: My Spouse, my Boss, the Company, the Economy, etc.. is doing this to me. (Surroundings)

Life’s Little Question : 

“Are some people just born positive thinkers . . . or is it their CHOICE?” Life’s Little Question

Choose the Right Luggage : 

Choose the Right Luggage Dodge (avoid) Bullets Be Bulletproof

The Problem With Dodging Bullets : 

You’re going to get hit! The Problem With Dodging Bullets

Slide 36: 

Wear Bulletproof Armor

Bulletproof ArmorComes from : 

Bulletproof ArmorComes from SELF CHANGE

Putting on the Armor : 

Putting on the Armor

How to Change Your Attitude : 

How to Change Your Attitude ATTITUDE ATTITUDE Changes happen personally from the INSIDE OUT!

So . . . Accept Responsibility : 

I am responsible . . . . . . for who I am . . . for what I have . . . for what I do ATTITUDE So . . . Accept Responsibility

Take Control : 

Negative world view YOU FROM THE INSIDE . . . OUT! Ownership Values Mission Discipline ATTITUDE Take Control

How to Change Your Thinking : 

How to Change Your Thinking THINKING THINKING Changes come from observing logically in every situation

Observe Your Thinking : 

Observe Your Thinking THINKING It sucks to be him. I refuse to let this hook me! This is all very interesting What can I do to defuse this? Tomorrow it will look very different. I’d like to beat the …

Manage Your Self-Talk : 

Manage Your Self-Talk If you think you Can, or you think you Can’t… YOU’RE RIGHT! Henry Ford THINKING

How to Change Your Behavior : 

How to Change Your Behavior BEHAVIOR

Choose Your Behavior : 


Steps Toward Changing Behavior : 

Steps Toward Changing Behavior 1. Unconscious Incompetence 2. Conscience Incompetence 3. Conscience Competence 4. Unconscious Competence BEHAVIOR The New YOU!

Add POSI+IVE Behavior : 

Add POSI+IVE Behavior INFLUENCE YOUR ENVIRONMENT! Sprinkle some “positive” on the negatives Focus on the good of each day Stay out of the “feeding frenzies (spin)” Say “please” and “thank you” Practice EMPATHY Evaluate YOUR behavior Never miss an opportunity to complement Spread a SMILE around Replace the BAD HABITS! BEHAVIOR

More POSI+IVE Contributions : 

More POSI+IVE Contributions 1. Is it true? 2. Is it harmful? 3. Is it necessary? Keep promises Have a forgiving view of people Keep an open mind with changes Count to 1000 if necessary See criticism as opportunity to improve Cultivate your sense of humor Before you say anything to anyone, ask yourself three things

Slide 50: 

Watch your definitions - they become thoughts Watch your thoughts - they become words Watch your words - they become actions Watch your actions - they become your destiny Remember to . . .

Slide 51: 

The Choice is YOURS With a Bad attitude you can never have a positive day With a Positive attitude you can never have a bad day

Choose POSI+IVE Living : 

Choose POSI+IVE Living

Slide 53: 

HAVE A WONDERFULL & A positive Future E N J O Y !!!!!!!!!! Thank You

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