The Latest Non Surgical Facelift Trend

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The threadlift is a new trend in non-surgical facelift treatments. The thread lift UK price starts from about £500.


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The latest non-surgical facelift trend:

The latest non-surgical facelift trend

Latest non-surgical facelift innovation:

Latest non-surgical facelift innovation Women as well as men are always in a search of innovative ways to stave off the process of ageing. Recently a new trend has hit the market is PDO threadlift treatment. The treatment uses absrobable PDO threads to lift and tighten loose and sagging facial skin. It is gaining quick popularity due to its effective and quick results. The thread lift UK price is also comparatively lower than a surgical facelift treatment which makes it an attractive option.

What is meant by PDO threads?:

What is meant by PDO threads? PDO refers to Polydioxanone threads. These are composed of fine absorbable substance which are used for surgical suturing. The PDO threads come pre-loaded in ultra fine needles for the purpose of thread lift. They are commonly used for major surgries to close wounds and are safest for body implatation .

How does they work?:

How does they work? The PDO threads have taken facelift to the next level. It is possible to treat sagging neck, face and jowls effectively using PDO threads. These threads are inserted into skin’s layers or muscles where in a mesh pattern or simply to create a lift. They stimulate production of natural collagen within skin and as they get absorbed into the skin gradual improvement can be seen. The best results take few months to appear as skin produce new collagen for securing the lifting effect.

Recovery following threadlift treatment:

Recovery following threadlift treatment There can be swelling, bruising and redness which takes few days to settle. Any other severe side effects are rare. The recovery period is usually quick. Most of the patients can return to their work the next day or in more extensive thread lift treatment it may require few days of rest. For the first few weeks, the facial movement can be limited. You can feel an immediate tightening and lifting effect.

Cost of Thread lift:

Cost of Thread lift The cost of thread lift varies depending on the types of threads used, number of threads used, treatment area and expertise of the cosmetic practitioner. However, thread lift UK price starts from £500 per thread.

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