How chemical skin peel works for your skin?

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The chemical peelings treatment exfoliates dead skin cells and treats variety of skin concerns, effectively.


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How chemical skin peel works for your skin?:

How chemical skin peel works for your skin?

What are chemical skin peels?:

What are chemical skin peels? Chemical skin peel also called chemexfoliation or dermal peeling. It use the chemical agent to peel off the dead skin layers. The dead skin is peeled off revealing smooth, even skin with less wrinkles and lines. It is a quick, effective and safe treatment for variety of skin concerns.

Conditions treatable with chemical peels:

Conditions treatable with chemical peels The chemical peelings can treat multiple skin conditions and can be performed on face, neck and hands. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and under eyes. Treats sun damaged skin Improve mild skin scarring Treats some types of acne Improve hyperpigmentation , age spots, dark spots and patches Improves skin tone and texture

Ideal candidates for skin peeling:

Ideal candidates for skin peeling The ideal candidate for chemical peelings treatment are light or fair skinned people. The darker skinned individuals may also benefit from some kind of chemical peels. But this depends on the types of skin concerns they have. In dark skinned people, there is a risk of developing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation .

How chemical peel treatment is performed?:

How chemical peel treatment is performed? It is performed in the office of the cosmetic practitioner as it is an outpatient procedure. The skin is cleansed to remove the dirt and excess oil. A chemical peelings solution such as salicylic, glycolic acid or TCA is applied in the skin. This produce a controlled skin wound leading to a regeneration of new skin. To know more about chemical peelings visit

Types of chemical peels:

Types of chemical peels There are numerous types of chemical peels but broadly these fall into the following categories: Superficial peels Superficial-medium peels Medium peels Deep peels Combination/fusion peels (these can be any strength, depending on formulation)

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