Top 10 Basic Mistakes in Web Design

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With business houses going online these days more websites are coming up serve them as the biggest platform or portal. However not all websites are fool proof and flawless. Websites having too many designing flaws create adverse response between the visitors and customers.


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Top 10 Basic Mistakes in Web Design That Can Hamper Your Business:

Sankalp Technology Top 10 Basic Mistakes in Web Design That Can Hamper Your Business

Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design:

Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design 1.Open new windows 2.Disabling of the back button 3. Broken links 4. Backdated information 5. Slow server time 6. Poor navigation 7. Unresponsive text fields 8. Variety of Fonts and Styles 9. Failing to link with the social media sites 10. Orphan pages

Open new windows:

Open new windows It was quite a cool method to make new windows opening with every page visit. Now it is a headache to see so many pages opening in the browser as it slows down the loading speed and use up the resources. If with every click a window pops up it gets quite irritating too.

Disabling of the back button:

Disabling of the back button In many websites after you have gone to a different page you cannot come back to the previous page just because the back button does not work. It is quite frustrating to start all over again with your searches. In addition, there are many websites that redirects you to an undesired page when you try to come back to your previous page.

Broken links:

Broken links This is a very common mistake in web designing. When you try to reach a page you get a 404 error or something else that refers to as broken link. It is best to test the pages every week in order to know if all the pages are working properly and the visitors can go through the information clearly.

Backdated information:

Backdated information This is a very vital mistake that websites make. Outdated information can hamper your business. If the prices of your product have changed then you need to update that almost immediately. Or else keeping the outdated information will only confuse your customers and you will lose business.

Slow server time:

Slow server time If the server time of the website is slow and takes a lot of time to download one page then it is taken as a flaw as visitors would not spend much time just for downloading your page.

Poor navigation:

Poor navigation Because of bad designing, many websites become difficult to navigate. Visitors find it difficult to look for what they are looking for.

Unresponsive text fields:

Unresponsive text fields A lot of times the text fields where the visitors put in details become unresponsive and does not take in the data which is being input. This is quite disturbing for the visitors who wish to register or get information

Variety of Fonts and Styles:

Variety of Fonts and Styles Using various font sizes and styles confuses the visitors and looks quite awkward too. It creates a garish mishmash for the visitors and you get fewer eyeballs.

Failing to link with the social media sites:

Failing to link with the social media sites Social media is very important nowadays and websites that does not have link to these sites get very less eyeballs. Linking the websites to social media increases multiplies visitors in volumes.

Orphan pages:

Orphan pages Page that do not have back button is considered orphan. So it is mandatory to have a back button to the home page.

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