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Most of the women in Pakistan do not know about the khula procedure in Pakistan and they are still living marriage life with violence on them. Islam gives the right to women to get a divorce as khula. Process of khula in Pakistan is according to the Islamic law, you need to know about "How to get khula in Pakistan" before you get khula in Pakistan. Console about khula paper in Pakistan with a professional lawyer for a simple and easy process of khula. Advocate Nazia is the best female khula lawyer in Lahore for the legal way for khula procedure in Pakistan. She knows the latest way for the process of khula in Pakistan and the method to solve out the khula suit in short period of time. You can freely contact Advocate Nazia for further information about the khula procedure in Pakistan.


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Khula Procedure in Pakistan

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Law For Procedure of Khula in Pakistan: ■ What is Khula Khula means the end of a marriage relationship by the wife on appealing for separation permanently and Khula Procedure in Pakistan is allowed. ■ Procedure of Khula in Pakistan is legally allowed by using the laws in Pakistan and Islamic laws. Khula Procedure in Pakistan followed by khula Pakistani law. For the khula process in Pakistan you have to know the legal way for khula in Pakistan. ■ For Khula process in Pakistan a female need to hire a khula lawyer who have the best experience for khula cases to easy solve your case and bring you khula by your husband. The first procedure of khula in Pakistan after you hire a lawyer is to have a valid reason to tell in family court for the reason of khula. Then the khula papers in Pakistan sends to the husband by the court with the notice. 2

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What Khula Lawyer Do For Your Khula Case Khula lawyer prepare your khula case for your khula process in Pakistan getting marriage is simple but separation is not easy it takes a lot of time to complete the procedure by family court. But a professional khula lawyer makes your khula case easy and simple for less time consuming and get the result by court for khula in short time. 3

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Legal Process of Khula in Pakistan: ■ It seems like the Khula procedure in Pakistan is simple but it is not so easy it consumes more time. To make the procedure of khula in Pakistan you need to hire the best lawyer for the khula process in Pakistan who is experienced and expert in his/her work. ■ The best lawyer have more supportive behavior and knows the more ways to solve the case in short time with the more professional way. After divorce you also need lawyer for other cases like maintenance for the period of iddat recovery of dowry and child custody in Pakistan. ■ After khula done the important process is to get khula certificate in Pakistan which is important for a woman for being separated. It is require for her to done second marriage and her second marriage registration is not possible without khula certificate. 4

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“ For The Khula Procedure in Pakistan the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan is Nazia Law Associates. Nazia Law Associates is providing the law service for khula procedure in Pakistan and for other cases since 10 years. Our service is more easy to approach and more successive. Must consult before to begin you khula case to make it more easy and simple to get khula in Pakistan in a short time. 5

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Best Khula Lawyer in Lahore: Advocate Nazia is the best khula lawyer in Lahore for the legal khula procedure in Pakistan. She known to be the expert lawyer in khula process. She providing the law service from 10 years of successful results for every case. She knows the simple and easy procedure of khula in Pakistan to complete the suit in short time. Get appointment before you visit our office for the further detail. 6

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