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background OF Mittal Udyog company Mittal Udyog was established in year 1974. Product are sold under the brand name “BULBUL”. It has more than 150 distributors and 2000 dealers across the country. Company aim is to be provide good quality of product at lower price.

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Introduction of bulbul pressure cooker Bulbul is low cost high quality product . They did not spend much on advertisement. For great and further growth Bulbul pressure cooker had tied up. In oct2006,premium pressure cooker was launched. “bina kisi jhanjhat ,khana pakai jhat pat.”

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Segmentation Cookware market are segmented on the bases of Geographic:-Rural and Sub-Urban bases Usage:-professional or domestic income:-lower and lower middle class

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Targeting Targeting is done on the bases of classes: High Class-industrialist/ businesmen employed at supervisor Mid class-petty traders Low class-Unskilled Workers,petty traders

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Product Life Cycle It shows the stages of the product which goes from introduction to decline from the market. Phases of PLC: Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

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Product Life Cycle

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Product Life Cycle of Bulbul INTRODUCTION Established in year 1974 Leading manufacturer of aluminum cookware in India Network of 150 distributors and 2000 dealers Aims to be “one stop solution for kitchenware”. Extended in 2002 by producing pressure cookers.

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Product Life Cycle of Bulbul GROWTH Sold the product through its existing distribution network of cookware. Got strong footing in cookware sector. Company promoted brand delivering benefits to channel partners. Point of sale display as well as ads in local newspapers.

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Product Life Cycle of Bulbul MATURITY At core, company was successful in delivering quality and safety. The brand has created position for itself in the mind of the customers. Expanded distribution network. Company promoted products by outdoor advertising.

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Product Life Cycle of Bulbul In mid June, 2006, came up with 1st TV commercial. Several tie up’s like Big Bazaar, Reliance Retail, and ITC. Tie up with Metro Cash-n-Carry, only wholesale supermarket in India. For premium class, launched Bulbul Gold in 2006.

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Product Life Cycle of Bulbul DECLINE OR FUTURE Pressure cooker as a product is on decline. Competition from small firms. Huge market waiting to be tapped Needs to be aggressive in marketing. Target the future demand (rural market).

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