How Can You Extend Your Home Economically


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Extending your existing dwelling for better facility, modern living, adding extra floor space or making room for extended family should be carried with diligence coupled with astute planning. Read more.


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How Can You Extend Your Home Economically Extending your existing dwelling for better facility modern living adding extra floor space or making room for extended family should be carried with diligence coupled with astute planning. Otherwise you will end up in spending your hard-earned money for wasteful purpose. Construction works whether it is for small extension or large extension will take three months and six-month time respectively. Some new buildings with complex designs may take more than a year. Though several factors affect the house extension works two of the most important things which can impact the home extension plan are bad weather and frequent change in designs. Home can be extended cheaply if the following points are considered and implemented. Plan in advance For any work prior planning is the key. For home extensions type of civil works prior preparation should be made. Planning means from end to end scheduling. Right from choosing the architect builder building material to designing and project management you should have it in advance. Every step should be checked and re- worked if need be before the starting of the work. There are several experts who can provide you professional advice to make concrete plans before the start of the work which will help you to cut cost in big way. Simple design Make it simple. Complex designs not only take more time to complete but also make a big hole in your pocket. Sometimes you may not need such extra fittings or room which you won’t use at all. Make sure that the designs are very simple to implement at the same time give your home a good finish with aesthetic look. Such simple designs can speed up your home extension work and hence cut cost by way of saving wages to workers for saved days. Avoid changing plans frequently Do not change the design after the work has started. Frequent changes can jeopardise the work and may extend the completion date. So it is better to have a design thoroughly checked and approved before the start of work. This will save money by way early completion of home extension. Go for off-the-shelf things While buying things for your home extension opt for ready-made ones since made to order fittings or cabinets can cost you more and also delay the work.

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Choose reputed builder This is another criterion which can go well with your plan of home extensions cheaply and effectively. Choose the best builder from your region and handover the project to him. The selection can be done through checking various parameters such as credibility previous works done and customer feedbacks. BIC Constructions is the pioneer builder and architect in Sydney and has made several small to largescale building projects in Australia. To know more information please visit

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