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Difference between where you can able to know all about differences between all pharses


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Misusing these two shortened forms is one of the main five missteps I used to see when editing documents. Theres so much disarray that in a portion of the drafts I got over from customers they had really crossed out the correct shortened form and supplanted it with the wrong one. E.g. signifies "for instance" and i.e. signifies "in other words." But both these shortened forms originate from Latin. Fortunately you just need to recollect what they mean in English not what they remain for in Latin. What do e.g. and i.e. mean  E.g. stands for exempli gratia which is—you guessed it—an abbreviation of “for example.”  How to remember it: “E” is for “Example.”  I.e. stands for id est which means “that is” or “namely.”  Memory trick: Another way to translate it is “in essence” which it also stands for in English. However at this point Im certain you realize that Im not going to request that you recollect Latin. Will give you a trick to remember it. So heres the manner by which I recall the distinction. Disregard i.e.

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standing for "that is" or whatever it really means in Latin. From now on i.e. which starts with “I” means “in other words” and e.g. which starts with e means “for example.” I in other words. E example.

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