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in this file i'm talking about html5 new elements and some difference between html4 and html5 also i'm taking about new structure technique and some simple layouts


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HTML5 new structural elements this article done by: read the full one here : by : Mohammad odeh

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Changes have been made to particular elements in HTML5 making it simpler to use. In this post we will look at some examples highlighting these improvements including : •The new DOCTYPE definition •The new structural elements that have been added •Some website layouts and how it builds in html5 Html5 Born : On 28 October 2014 HTML5 was released as a stable W3C Recommendation bringing the specification process to completion. According to the plan proposed by the W3C in September 2012 the HTML 5.1 specification Recommendation will be targeted for the end of 2016 .

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A MINIMAL HTML5 DOCUMENT : Minimal html5 document look like this as you can see from the above code there’s some difference between HTML4 document and HTML5 document one of the difference is : DOCTYPE definition So with HTML5 there is only one way to indicate the doctype and it’s so simple there is no reason to forget it :

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when it was in HTML4

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The new structural elements that have been added The 20 most popular ids and class names found in Hickson’s and Opera’s surveys gave birth to these new elements

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the above elements built according most used classes and ids as an example div class”article” was very popular so now there’s article but div class”content” was also very popular but there’s no content. for more element see w3school page.

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Some website layouts and how it builds in html5 you can use HTML5 new structural element to build a website layout like in above image look at this lesson to know how to build html5 and css3 bassic layout and you can use this technique to build advanced layout or any layout you want here i collect some html5 layout you can build them in more easy way .

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or you can build any of these simple layouts :

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Thanks for reading this article wrote for : by :Mohammad odeh

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