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solution services project management | infrastructure | products

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By combining the right people, technology, and knowledge we deliver solutions that help to transform businesses. We base our solutions on our in-depth understanding of our customers, the challenges they face and a commitment to deliver value in every engagement. We are committed to your Success!

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2000 Founded offering Staff Augmentation for the Fortune 500 2004 Developed BI expertise and grew company 200+ employees 2005 Revenue of $24 million 2006 Established Solutions Division: Custom Application Development, IT Solutions Consulting and Implementation 2009 Designated Certified Minority and Woman Owned Enterprise Currently 200 plus IT professionals with expertise in: Data Warehousing Asset Management (RFID) Business intelligence Websites & Mobile Applications Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Extreme Performance Database Engine SharePoint Architecture Infrastructure Services Client-Server and Web Based Technologies IT Security our history......

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vertical expertise...... BSM Solutions is an outgrowth of our successful Staff augmentation Services. Over 300 recognized global clients and delighted references through our corporate partners & alliances.

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project management - our reasoning...... because one-size doesn’t fit all, we created a customized approach to Project Management Services through a distinguished team of experienced professionals and shared services. we support your business needs with an experienced team of consultants that will provide world-class advice and help you achieve success. Business Process Management Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing Supply Chain Management Customer Experience Management Performance Management

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project management - methodology......

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project management - our practices...... experience the difference of using best practices for BSM Project Management our methodology is based on standards of the PMI and best practices. we remain flexible in delivery methods which allows us to provide services that best suit each customer environment and culture. whenever you need an entire project team or just one or two team members, BSM can provide you with the resources you need to make your project successful.

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project management - our solutions...... User Experience Design Customized Application Development Client Reports & Dashboards User Interface Development Client Server Solutions System Integrations BSM model indicates that the tools, people, process & technology must be aligned and designed to help management implement the strategies that will achieve the organizational objectives.

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project management - BI samples...... Objective: To implement the sales and analysis process using the Hyperion Planning tool. To reduce the sales process time. Scalability to support new products’ growth. Information safety and agility with traceability and auditing (SOX). Analysis support and comparatives. Results Achieved : User-friendly tool in a WEB environment. Sales decentralization. Actual sales information Ad-Hoc analysis. Output Financial Reports: P&L. Budget cycle time, simulation, and reviews. Stable system.

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BPM Performance Scorecard Financial Management Budgeting and Forecasting Human Resource ADDITIONAL OPTIONS Compliance reports Analyst Report Customer Satisfaction report (regions) Actual Vs Planned Projections project management – BI / interactive reporting samples......

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ERP Solutions– JD Edwards Improved Customer Service & Responsiveness Manage product availability Automated, shortened closing cycles Global visibility Access to information that is integrated and synchronized Information available on-line/real time Access to operational and financial data Platform for future growth Anticipated cost savings

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ERP- JD Edwards Capability

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CLIENT: Goldman Sachs Real Estate Division Annual Revenue: US$2 Billion Industry: Engineering & Construction Challenges Integrated Web-based business management system Provide real-time visibility into project costs and revenues Gain the ability to track and report project costs Ensure support for future business needs Adopt industry best-practice business processes JD Edwards– Client Case Study Solutions The EnterpriseOne suite facilitated more effective project costing and better credit control and monitoring, increased efficiency by adopting best-practice guidelines and enabled faster response times for issues related to payments and receipts. The ERP system also provided greater transparency of anticipated cost changes and better budget control helping Goldman achieve quick return on investment with low-cost, low maintenance solution and Met changing business needs with highly scalable system Oracle Products & Services: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financials Management Distribution Management Real Estate Management Project Costing

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CLIENT: Lafarge Paris, France Annual Revenue: US$20.5 Billion Industry: Engineering & Construction Challenges To Standardize Lafarge’s IT tools and management systems on one enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for all four of its major lines of business: cement, roofing, granulates and concrete, and plaster To Leverage the new standardization to optimize and harmonize procedures across lines of business and management and across its geographical base JD Edwards– Client Case Study Solutions The ERP Solution helped Lafarge to institute common organizational structures among all groups while giving each division sufficient autonomy to meet local needs and made it easy to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations by providing easy traceability of financial flows and purchases The ERP solution also simplified sales-management processes , reduced transportation costs via synchronized supply chain management procedures and Enabled traceability of products throughout the order life cycle . Oracle Products & Services: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Financials Management Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

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project management – SharePoint / BI samples...... Technology Used: WSS 3.0 SharePoint Designer 2007 JavaScript C# and .NET SQL Server 2005 SharePoint BI Dashboard SharePoint Intranet and Extranet Web Portal SharePoint Task Allocation SharePoint Workflow automation SharePoint Collaboration Portal Regulatory Compliance Enhanced Search Enterprise Content Management

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project management – Development & Implementation Practices...... Tailored for specific processes rather than generic implementation practice. BSM practice adds value by saving time & money while dramatically improving your core process capabilities through below model.

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BSM approach reducing risk & assuring results through risk free assessment methodology

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infrastructure services – consulting model & value proposition.... for IT, we’ve developed the best methodology to assist you. BSM combines technology expertise, evolved process frameworks, state of the art infrastructure and flexible delivery models to offer a comprehensive suite of IT Infrastructure Management Services to Global Enterprises. Our deliverables include a report of our findings as well as recommendations, and a prioritized Action Plan. The entire Work Plan takes from one week to as long as one month, depending upon the scope. BSM can help organizations achieve an effective balance between minimizing the technological investment and maximizing the usefulness of the required hardware. We will help you plan, select, implement and manage a infrastructure that keeps pace with your current needs, as well as future needs.

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Security is a significant component of today's business infrastructures. In a dynamic computing environment where system reconfiguration and deployment are ongoing events, it is critical to ensure:- We will review -Technical infrastructure mapping exercise. On-site vulnerability assessment including server and application configuration reviews. Assess the suitability of your IT security architecture and whether it delivers ROI Report - Detailed IT infrastructure topology and vulnerability assessment report. Technical improvement plan including recommended security architecture changes Strategic planning guidelines identifying longer term security initiatives. Protection of critical assets from malicious code, such as viruses and worms Proactive risk mitigation by reducing vulnerabilities Enforcement of security policies Automated provisioning and maintenance of digital identities Convenient, secure access to applications by all users Integrated solutions, with centralized control of the extended security infrastructure Regulatory compliance infrastructure services – enterprise security

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What does BSM IT Rationalization deliver? infrastructure services – IT Rationalization Optimizes processes/applications by identifying underutilized, redundant and obsolete processes/application Facilitates optimization of Infrastructure footprint by identifying consolidation possibilities Enables you to dedicate more resources to activities that support your business goals Delivers plan and directions for future actions for Operations & IT organizations Provides a structured approach to reducing maintenance and development life cycle costs and improving investment decisions IT Rationalization With changes in business focus, operations processes and technology advances over time, there is a cumulative impact on the entire environment which create imbalances and inefficiencies in the operations and technology. Portfolio analysis & rationalization is covered from 2 primary perspectives: Business application portfolio & Infrastructure footprint & management processes.

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BSM’s aim is to assist the organizations in managing their entire IT infrastructure with maximum efficiency and speed to enhance their businesses. With an innovative combination of pro-active, integrated management tools, proven methodologies, processes and excellent professionals, BSM assures the benefits to the organizations: Help Desk Server Mgmt. Disaster Recovery Network Mgmt. Email, Intranet, Internet Problem Mgmt. System Security Database Mgmt. Managed Services infrastructure services – IT Managed Services

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infrastructure services – IT Design Services Infrastructure design and review Network Server Application Wireless Performance analysis Secure site-to-site and remote access Data center selection and preparation for mission critical operations and Ecommerce Preparing for major business applications such as ERP, CRM and VoIP Investigation of unplanned outages & Implement change management Educate executive management & Train technical staff We can formulate a secure network architecture that aligns with your institutions needs, and we will help you make right decisions regarding network equipment purchases.

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infrastructure services – Competencies & reasoning BSM core competencies Network Assessment & Optimization Infrastructure security Security Setup & Management System Management Architecture data integration Server Administration IT Process Consulting Platform Migration Network Design & Capacity Planning Network administration Need for additional support Demanding timelines Reduced workload Short-term engagement Fast turnaround Minimize liabilities Lower overhead cost The right people & match for the need Qualified team with proven record Skilled Labor @ best prices BSM reasoning

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PRODUCTS & services

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products & services - intro.... We have years of experience and cases where our BSM team or our partners & alliances have developed the best solutions to fulfill our client needs in a cost-efficient way Ultra performance data engines World’s fastest data engine - terabytes in seconds - 70% lower hardware specs... Custom ERP Package & Solutions Integrated Insurance Management System | Financial Management System | Fixed Asset and Leasing System R F I D, SaaS Diverse Saas – Solutions to increase cost effective performance

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Production Assembly line & Manufacturing Automation Warehouse and Inventory Management Logistics and Supply Chain Management Point-of-sale Retail Tracking and Management Hospital (Neo Natal) & Medical Institutions Personnel, Security and Asset Management Daycare Management & Infant Protection We help to optimize Supply-Chain & Employee Performance Management ARIES streamlines: products & services - R F I D solutions....

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products & services - R F I D – ARIES architecture.... A MICROCHIP holds data as an EPC (Electronic Product Code) READERuses radio waves to read the tag and send the ID to Aries Server Transmit EPC 01-0000A89-000169DC0 Tagged Asset Visualization of Equipment Personnel Patient movement in facility Seamlessly integrates with ERP or supply chain applications ARIES Server and Client

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products & services – R F I D - ARIES Advantages.... Complex Hybridization Able to support Active, Passive and Barcode using one system Blazing Speed Custom Rule Processing at a blazing 10,000+ rule matches per minute for real-time Decision Support Support for Complex Business Rules Combining RFID Information from Equipment or Personnel Smart Shelves or other sensors using custom rules Streamlined data processing Dynamic load/thread allocation No Single point of Failure Automatic Failover and Recovery No bottlenecks Integration support with most ERP Systems – SAP , Oracle , PeopleSoft Integrated RFID Management Solution

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products & services - RFID – ARIES Integration with Google Maps Increase efficiency of key processes Improve Management of inventory Improved Management of data and assets Locate your valuable assets in real-time Improve visibility of the entire process Complete Transparency Improve Decision Support Advantages of ARIES enabled WMS for Inventory management

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products & services - RFID - ARIES e-Pedigree Process Flow....

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products & services - RFID - ARIES e-Pedigree Application Integration Additional layer of security based on information Leverages current RFID infrastructure Pedigrees integrated with serialized items passed between Manufacturer and Wholesaler Utilizes the SupplyScape e-Pedigree Enterprise Solution System integration application management services provided by BSM

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products & services - RFID - ARIES e-Pedigree Advantages Anti-Counterfeiting: Detect existing instances and deter future occurrences of product counterfeiting before they affect the patient population. Diversion Detection: Detect, investigate, and prevent product diversion. Control products from moving inappropriately both across geographical boundaries and among commercial trade channels. Shelf-life and Expiry Management: Gain complete visibility to product shelf-life across current inventory, optimizing distribution strategies to maximize product sales before expiration Product Availability: Reduce out-of-stocks through greater inventory visibility and synchronization between channel supply and customer demand. Financial Reimbursement: Precisely and efficiently reimburse financial claims using exact knowledge of product identity and transaction information gained from pedigree data. Advance Shipment Notification: Provide trading partners with visibility into upcoming product shipments, optimizing resource allocations, reducing receiving error rates, and enhancing shipment verification. Recall Management: Identify recalled products quickly within current inventory and customers that may have recently been shipped products on a recall notice. Returns Management: Improve returns processing plans based in greater visibility to inbound product returns.

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products & services - RFID in healthcare.... We envision medical facilities where using the identification technologies can improve the patients’ care, optimize the workflows, reduce the operating costs, help avoiding severe mistakes (such as patients’ misidentification) and reduce costly thefts. Patient Identification Blood Tracking Smart Operating Theatres Asset Tracking & Smart Shelf's Tracking Equipment, Patients, Staff, Neo-Natal and Documents Besides, tagging and tracking equipments offers many other use cases such as finer maintenance scheduling, usage statistics of equipment, placement optimization and fast localization of important material. Our RFID Solutions in Hospitals streamline:

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Service Oriented Architecture is nothing but the architectural style to achieve loose coupling among various interactive systems. Service Oriented Architecture enables seamless Enterprise Information Integration. Benefits of the Service Oriented Architecture:• Due to its platform independence, it allows companies to use the software and hardware of their choice.• There is no threat of vendor lock-in.• SOA enables incremental development, deployment, and maintenance.• Companies can use the existing software (investments) & use SOA to build applications without replacing the existing applications.• The training costs are low, so the available labor pool can be used for running the applications. BSM follows best practices and SOA in designing solutions that Can be scaled up to SAAS products & services – SaaS (Service as a Solution)....

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products & services – SaaS (Assembling Composite Applications into SOA)....

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products & services – Integrated Insurance Management System Our Integrated Insurance Management System (PIIMS) is a comprehensive web based system that helps life and non life insurance companies conduct their core business functions. PIIMS designed using object-oriented MS .Net technology. PIIMS can handle all the key insurance functions including product definition, handling of policies, administration, claims, agency management, and customer relationship management (CRM). Agent Management Reinsurance Treaties Management Policy Issue & Management Client Management Currency Management User Management & Authorization Organizational Issues Policy activities & information's Core Functions: Software components spread across presentation. Business & data access layers, facilitating maintenance, flexible, data-driven system facilitates changes. Reduced costs through streamlining of business process. Wider reach & improved customer satisfaction Major Benefits:

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products & services – Financial Management System Our Financial Management System is a budgeting software helps CFO’s Controllers, and non-financial managers, struggling with spreadsheets for budgeting and forecasting, reduce the time of data collection, improve data integrity and increase their time for more expensive analysis. Easy setup & Implementations Budgeting & Planning Forecasting, Personnel & Benefits Management Capital Asset Planning & Revenue Management Export to Excel Data Management Line of Credit & Cash Management Multi-Level Access Security User Defined Reports & Formulas Key features: This system operates on Microsoft 2000, NT4, XP and accessible through web browser. The enterprise edition requires MS-SQL Server. Built on .NET technology Easily scales from single user, desktop environment to the multi-user environment without the need of retraining. Major Benefits:

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products & services – Fixed Asset and Leasing System When comes to complex fixed asset management for multiple users in multiple locations, Fixed Asset and Leasing System gives you all the power, performance and features you need. Fixed Assets Web provides a scalable solution that grows with your organization for any number of assets or users. It enables you to switch the responsibility or fixed asset management from a head office corporate accounting function to a branch or subsidiary responsibility. It allows to monitor all the activity and run management reports from a central location while the integrity of the data is maintained at a local level. Unmatched computing power lets you process and report in 5,000 or more than a million assets with exceptional speed. Complete accessibility where you’re – if you have internet access, you’ll have the data. Rigorous state-of-the-art security features and automatic backup. Let you print, view and change asset data at any point of time. Includes import / export module for bar-code readers / printers. Key features:

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products & services – Extreme Performance Data Engine.... Response times are up to 1000 times faster than common OLAP or data warehousing databases when running complex queries or analysis tasks on very large amounts of data, on the same hardware and operating system. Result: increasing performance with power & empowering management with performance from a new generation of vectored columnar data engines that enables organizations to analyze terabytes of information in seconds. Using a direct architecture and hybrid structure with open source and proprietary modules that allow high performance with outstanding flexibility and integration. the unprecedented performance-to-price ratio of VectorStar provides average savings of 70% in hardware specification compared with most applications in the market. Welcome to the future with the next generation in database engines! Experience a breakthrough in performance and profitability

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unveiling the future Let’s Embark on a Successful Journey Together !

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