Table Fans Are Much More Than Just Standing Fans

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Table fans are perfect for dormitories as well and are an easy solution to keep cool in summers. Without bothering much about the price factor, remember to buy quality products from good brands, which would give you a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty depending on their sales terms.


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Table Fans Are Much More Than Just Standing Fans Table fans are still a convenient and cheap solution in a country where air conditioners are mostly used. These are the ultimate option in convenience and personal cooling. They are available in various styles and designs. Table fans consume fewer places and are quite handy as compared to stand on floor lamps. Some popular brands of table fans include Bajaj Havells Eveready Orient Luminous and Usha which are available in various price ranges. Table fans are always highly recommended for offices or homes because of their various features.  Ventilation: Ventilation fans are always a great option as they can ventilate the room easily by removing unwanted fumes and heat from indoor areas.

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 Portable: Since table fans are highly portable table fans and can be easily placed on table height and anyone can use them as per their convenience to ensure proper ventilation of the room. One can adjust the speed levels of the fans as per their needs.

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 No Noise Pollution: The best part is that table fans produce less noise as their spinning blades generate soft whirring sound.  Cost Effective: They are quite cheap and require no installation and are also environment friendly. Table fans also consume less energy than air conditioner or ceiling fans as well. Table fans whether it is Havells Luminous Eveready Bajaj or any other brand uses a fraction of power of air conditioners. Read Also: Buy the top brands table fan for home  Plastic table fans are a better option as they don’t rust and can be a more practical option. Fans whose grills can be easily removed are convenient as fans will collect dust after few weeks. The fans which can be easily opened are easy to clean as well.

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 Can Be Used As Exhaust Fans: Exhaust fans can also be used as exhaust when kept in right direction. Use your table fan to suck up the smoky air and blow it out in open door or window. Once the room is cleared turn it around to blow fresh air. When compared to ceiling fans ceiling fans circulate air from the ceiling down into your room to help feel cooler. Table fans also circulate air but instead of pushing it down they move it outward.  Other: Also table fans offer more flexibility in terms of features such as adjustable heights and multiple speeds. Kids love putting their faces in front of fans to generate robotic voice. But it can also result in putting fingers inside the fan which can hurt the

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child. Many table fans now come with child-safe grills. Table fans are best for creating airflows in smaller areas. Read Also: Eveready Ceiling Fans - A Different Option Summary - The electronics markets are flooded with different varieties of cooling products ranging variably in their price and cooling capacity. The table fans are light and portable and can be placed adjacent to the windows so that it pulls out fresh air from outside. Also table fans can be kept anywhere as long as there is enough clearance around so that people can easily pass by. They are always ideal to use as they can be moved accordingly from room to room and can kept on a tables desks or counterparts. As they have small blades they cool down only a small place but then they use less power as well. Table fans don’t require any installments. Simply plug the cord in a switch.

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