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Somalia tourism as when you Tour Somalia is neither a recognized development nor a shielded way to deal with spend your get-away.


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Somalia has the biggest coast line in Africa. With kids and the youth swimming, beach playing football on the sandy shores.


Also  tourist describe Mogadishu and its Beaches:"The city itself offers everything one would expect a seaside paradise to look like. Beautiful beaches and luxurious poolside resorts, surrounded by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean"  SOMALIA TOURISM


The Jazeera beach as well as the Lido Beach are one of the most beautiful places to go with family and friends on , but the people around the area are so happy and welcoming to see tourists around. MOGADISHU JAZEERA BEACH


People stay out at Mogadishu lido beach way past dusk, watch the beautiful night skyline, the deep blue ocean, a really perfect place to get the fresh perspective of a rediscovered Somalia. MOGADISHU LIDO BEACH


Bakara Market Bakaara Market host large and small companies in the country include Hormuud telecom, Nationlink Telecom, Fruits and Vegetables, Livestock, Fish and all kinds of Stocks. Every day more than 35 loaded tracks  with variety goods on the road to neighboring countries


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