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MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN BUYING GUIDE Modern interior design was a new curvy minimalist look that was born in Denmark and became instantly popular worldwide in the 1950s. It was so popular that it transformed the look of everyone’s home and office. In Europe and the United States suddenly everyone had to have modern furniture and all that goes with it. Sometimes it was called Mid-Century design but it is all the same gorgeous look. And this design did not go away. To this day Modern interior design is the only design many people want. Today Modern interior design is still all the rage. Some like to collect the actual pieces from the original designers and some like the more updated and less expensive replicas. There are more designers at work today creating in this style and it is not limited to only the original designers anymore. Numerous furniture designers are at work creating an updated look to the older minimalist pieces. So now you have a great variety of furniture lamps paintings and even wallpapers that keep with the general idea of the original works of the Modern movement in design. DANISH MODERN AS PART OF MODERN INTERIOR DESIGN The Danish Modern movement kicked it all off in the 1940s with designers like Kaare Klint Arne Jacobson Hans Wegner and Finn Juhl. These designers were not all doing the same designs however

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they shared a belief that furniture should be affordable and practical in the home. Eventually their creations became mass produced and landed in most households in Europe and the Americas. Even today their designs are instantly recognizable as being from that post WWII era. TRANSFORMING YOUR LIVING SPACE You don’t need to be a wealthy collector of original Modern interior design pieces. There are lots of choices for purchasing replicas of the original designer’s work from companies that specialize in this type of furniture on the Internet. There are also Modern design furniture specialist websites where you can find beautiful handmade pieces that are brand new Modern Movement designs. There are numerous choices today because the Modern furniture is still so popular. This isn’t to say that investing in Modern interior design isn’t a good idea because it is. Furniture collectors are snapping up originals and sending their selling prices soaring to many thousands of dollars. This popular style is no longer an affordable simple piece of practical furniture. It is now being traded almost like fine art painted by famous artists. If collecting is your hobby or your career taking a look at Modern interior design pieces is certainly something to look into.

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TYPICAL FEATURES OF MODERN DESIGN Modern designs in furniture oftentimes featured molded plywood. Plywood was a relatively new medium to work in for furniture and the Modern designers took full advantage of it. They banged bended and molded to come up with some very new wavy and curvy chairs desks and sofas. The old heavy furniture design was transformed into Modern with far lighter simpler creativity. This furniture was light in look and light in weight which made it far more practical for people to use. It was also far easier to mass produce and to produce inexpensively. Wood wasn’t the only material that was worked as there are many famous Modern era design chairs and tables that were created from metals. Planter used a glass top and symmetrical welded metal rods for the legs of his Modern dining room table at a time when plywood was king. Other furniture designers of the Modern movement also use steel and iron in their creations so it wasn’t limited to only wood. Designs took on more geometric shapes whether it was in the cube type of chairs some created to geometric patterns in the fabrics and wallpaper. Even leather and large buckles were used by some designers in unique ways in Modern furniture. There were so many new things to explore like chrome glass leather and canvas. The movement was a huge step away from the very heavy ornate furniture and drapes of the Victorian era. When the designers took furniture design to a whole new level they turned into the Post Modern Era. But did the Modern interior design stop No way it continued and people called it Contemporary design. Modern is such a popular style and is loved by so many that almost one hundred years later people are still gravitating toward it for their home designs.

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THE BEST PLACE TO GET MODERN FURNITURE If you have been bit by the Modern interior design bug you can’t get enough of this comfortable minimalist look. If you are shopping with the intent to collect pieces from the original Modern furniture designers then look to auctions and antique houses. There are auctions for estates in all areas whether you are in an urban area or rural. Most of the time auctioneers will have a website where they list the most popular items that are going to be at their next auction and they are set up for you to bid online. If you’re not into collecting but have to have the Modern interior design in your living space then you will find all the pieces you need on the Internet. There are websites that specialize in this style of Modern furniture and they are still making new gorgeous designs that keep as close to the original materials as possible. THE DESIGN THAT JUST WOULDN’T GO AWAY The Modern Interior Design was an instant hit when it hit the market way back after World War II as Danish Modern. As time went on it just became more popular with its light practical style. Today it is more popular than ever and you can purchase quality pieces for your home online. You can collect the original pieces as an investment buy replicas of the originals or you can go with one of the lesser expensive new original designs that are being created right now for today’s Contemporary Modern era.

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