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CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE TO HOME STAGE AND SELL YOUR HOME QUICKLY Contemporary furniture can make an incredible impression on a potential buyer of your home. When you stage your home so that you can get a higher offer on it using contemporary design is always a good choice. A properly staged home can increase the offer on your house by many thousands of dollars and it can get that property sold in a matter of days or weeks. HOW HOME STAGING WORKS WITH CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE Everyone is always looking for a new way to increase the bids on their home when selling. Home staging is one of the latest ways to do just that although this isn’t a new practice. Professional stages have been around for a couple of decades in larger cities. How this works is that the staging professional will come into your home and evaluate your place for a consultation fee. They will give you a list of things that need to be done to your home to make it look like it is a home in an architectural magazine. You will usually have a choice to do the work yourself or to pay a fee to have the stage to do the work for you. RECOMMENDATIONS MIGHT BE MADE TO:  Paint the walls in a new color scheme  Rent contemporary furniture  Move pets out temporarily  Remove all clutter  Rent fine art WHY USE A PROFESSIONAL STAGER It is almost impossible for the home owner to see that their home well looks lived in. You have your own unique style and your personal belongings are all over the home. You are proud of your Macaw parrot and he has a huge cage right in front of your bay window. You keep a clean home and you just decorated five years ago in your favorite blue and yellow hues. Well home buyers can’t stand all of that.

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It really does take a professional to break the news to you that the color scheme must change to something trendy contemporary and a little bit subdued. Your wardrobe fashion will change almost yearly and home design will change quickly as well. It is impossible to look at your home that you see every single day and see that it does not look like it is ready to be photographed for Better Homes and Gardens. You spent a fortune on those Russian nesting dolls but they have to go. Once the professional is done with your home you won’t recognize it. Your home will be transformed into a beautiful tastefully decorated home using the clean and sleek look of contemporary furniture designs and fine art. The colors will be trendy but they will be mostly subtle with a little pop of color here and there. It will be so perfect that you’ll be afraid to touch anything for fear of messing it up. Did you just walk into a photograph Source: home-stage.html

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