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Mother of Christ Julinoel Assisted Living Facility:

Mother of Christ Julinoel Assisted Living Facility Our mission is to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity by continuing Jesus' ministry of service to persons with disabilities, the homeless, frail elderly, and by reducing poverty and injustice among economically disadvantaged persons through empowering programmatic action. Hi! I am Father Joseph Ekweariri, PhD How are you? I am here to help you know more about this facility. Thank you. What if she was your Mom, your Sister, or your best friend? Could you leave her out in the weather? What if he was your Dad, your buddy or your grandfather? What if this was you, reaching out for help, and finding nobody there? Would you want to live here? Is this the way you show support for the troops? Say thank you and in the very next breath tell him you cannot help? Is this their legacy? Is this a way for a grateful country to respond to its military heroes? Are we to leave our senior citizens to fend for themselves when their illness will not allow them to care for themselves? Do you want to be prisoner in your own mind? Wouldn’t you rather have activity that keeps your mind sharp and gives you something to look forward to? We have done some landscaping to make Mother of Christ Julinoel more aesthetically pleasing. The first thing you will notice when you walk in the door off to the right is the beautiful and spacious dining area, complete with skylights. It’s a beautiful day outside. Let’s have a look around. Welcome to Mother of Christ Julinoel, an Assisted Living Facility. When you turn to look behind you, there is the resident living space. There’s a couple sofas, pool tables, Air hockey, and activities. Let’s go down the hall and visit a resident room. Well, now you’ve seen a resident room and some of the amenities here at Mother of Christ Julinoel. If you have any questions, please call (276) 988-7551 and ask for the Administrator, her name is Sherri Brown. Thank you for coming. Have a beautiful day! Bye now! The End Thank you so much for virtually visiting Mother of Christ Julinoel. I hope this tour will assist you in the decision you are making. We are the only non-profit 501(c )(3) facility operating in the whole of Tazewell County, Virginia. We care about our residents and are always striving to make a better and more rewarding life for them. Please feel free to visit us at 520 Dogwood Rd, Tazewell, VA 24651 or you can email Father Joseph at: , or Sherri Brown at: Thank you! Father Joseph Ekweariri, PhD (217) 474-9384

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