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Hardware components consist of the system unit and peripheral devices, those devices such as monitors and printers that are connected to the computer. Other hardware devices, such as routers, help a computer communicate with other computers to facilitate sharing documents and other resources.


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Computer Hardware:

1 Computer Hardware Mobuz Solutions Pvt Ltd


2 Hardware System Unit Peripheral Devices System Unit Peripheral Devices

Input Devices:

3 Input Devices Devices used to enter information or instructions into the computer Keyboard Mouse / pointing device Microphone Scanner Digital camera Scanner


4 Keyboard The QWERTY keyboard is standard on most PCs Enhanced features include number, function and navigation keys.

Dvorak Keyboard:

5 Dvorak Keyboard Puts the most commonly used keys at “home keys” Reduces distance of finger stretches


6 Specialty Keyboards Laptops PDAs Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Laptop Ergonomic PDA


7 Mouse Rollerball mouse Less expensive Harder to keep clean Trackball Harder to control Stationary on desk Optical mouse Needs no mouse pad Doesn’t need cleaning More expensive Game pads Buttons and pointing devices Wireless Optical Trackball Standard


8 Other Input Devices Scanners Text Images Digital cameras Images Video Flatbed Handheld Camera Camcorder

Input for the Physically Challenged:

9 Input for the Physically Challenged Visually Impaired Voice recognition Keyboards with large keys On-screen keyboards Motor control Special trackballs Head-mounted devices

Inputting Sound:

10 Inputting Sound Microphone Input Teleconferencing Voice over Internet Voice Recognition Microsoft Voice Recognition

Output Devices:

11 Output Devices Retrieving information from the computer Output devices Softcopy (video, sounds, control signals) Hardcopy (print)

Monitor Types:

12 Monitor Types CRT Cathode Ray Tube Less expensive Use much more space Uses more energy Better viewing angles LCD Liquid Crystal Display More expensive Uses far less space More energy efficient Less viewable from an angle

Liquid Crystal Display:

13 Liquid Crystal Display Liquid crystal sandwiched between two transparent layers form images Used for notebook computers, PDAs, cellular phones, and personal computers Polarizer Color filter Color filter glass Glass polarizer Backlight Liquid Crystal

Printers :

14 Dot-matrix Printers Inkjet Multifunction Laser Plotter Thermal printer Impact printers Dot-matrix Nonimpact printers Inkjet Laser Multifunction Specialty printers Plotters Thermal printers

Outputting Sound:

15 Outputting Sound Speakers and Headphones

The System Unit:

16 The System Unit Box that contains the central electronic components of the computer : CPU/RAM/ motherboard Expansion cards Power supply Storage devices

The Front Panel:

17 The Front Panel Drive bays Memory card reader Floppy drive Productivity ports Power button

Inside the System Unit:

18 Inside the System Unit Essential electronic components used to process data Types of components: Power supply Hard disk drive Motherboard CPU Expansion cards

The Motherboard:

19 The Motherboard CPU RAM Expansion cards Chip set Built-in components



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