8 Essential Mobility Drills For Athletes

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Mobility stretches are something everyone needs to do regardless of what age group they belong to or their fitness level if they wish to remain supple and fully mobile.


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8 Essential Mobility Drills For Athletes:

8 Essential Mobility Drills For Athletes


Mobility stretches are one of the most important aspects of injury prevention next to knowing how to properly execute your exercise routine. Stretching is an essential and an integral part of every workout program, especially mobility stretches because flexibility is considered to be part of most important components of everyone’s fitness . The following are stretches that suit athletes and those doing any type of exercise http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Hamstring Stretch Place one leg out in front with your heel on a 6 inch high block Lean forward with your head high until you feel the hamstring With your toe toward your chest rotate your leg left and right http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Open Hip Flexor Stretch Start kneeling with head held high Lift the right foot and place on the side so your knees and foot point to the right Keep your head, chest and hips straight the lean slightly to the right to slightly stretch http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Spiderman Reach and Rotate Start in push-up position with hands under shoulders Bring left foot up to your left hand Raise your left hand and place your elbow to your instep wait 2 seconds Rotate your hand toward the ceiling and follow with your eyes Repeat several times and Finish http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Corner Pec Stretch Start in a 90deg corner with hands and forearms flat to the wall Keeping elbows at 90 degrees and arms still slowly lean forward until you feel the stretch in your chest Hold for 3 counts, then repeat several times http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Head and Neck Mobility Standing tall, first slowly lower head as close to the left shoulder as possible. Return to straight, then lower to right shoulder do 5 on each side Slowly tilt head backward as far as possible, then return to straight, then tilt forward, repeat 5 times Revolve hear in a circular motion with the chin going from shoulder to shoulder Standing straight and arms at sides lift shoulders as high as possible then drop low Rotate shoulders while arms are at the sides for 10 rotations. Rotate arms as if swimming in water 5 times then reverse Repeat both the head tilting and rotation stretches http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Clothesline Stand with feet apart under shoulders Stretch arms out to sides with fingers pointing to the ceiling Keeping trunk and head straight, slowly swing arms to the left then right Continue swings until you feel the stretch from neck to heels http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Deep Lung, and Rotation Start in the downward dog position Lift right leg high in the air Slowly bring it towards your right hand Lengthen your spine and breathe in Bring right elbow to the floor and then rotate towards the ceiling Repeat with other side Bring both arms as high as possible hold, then finish http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Quad Stretch Single Leg Dead lift Stand on left leg and bring right heel to your butt, hold the ankle and take a deep breath Try and extend the knee to the wall behind you. Bring your chest forward and close to the ground with the leg slightly bent. Bend hips low and take several breaths http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


Mobility stretches are something everyone needs to do regardless of what age group they belong to or their fitness level if they wish to remain supple and fully mobile. They are especially important as our body’s age and joints start to wear or when exercising to reduce the chances of injuries. http://www.mobilizemeapp.com


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