How I Went From Single Family Home Investing To Mobile Home Park Inves


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Why are sophisticated investors and finance experts moving up to mobile home park investing, and away from single family homes?


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How I Went From Single Family Home Investing T o Mobile Home Park Investing Graduating From Single Family Homes To Mobile Home Park Investing

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Why are sophisticated investors and finance experts moving up to mobile home park investing and away from single family homes

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There are various reasons why you need to choose Mobile Home Park Investing

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1. Investors are Growing Up Most real estate investors’ first acquisition is a single family home. Some start out with a condo or even a mobile home to live in.

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2. Sourcing Investment Property Deals The attractive deals are drawing multiple offers and that means prices are bid up quickly while the potential for profit drops. Put simply it’s getting challenging to find profitable single family homes deals especially in any type of reliable volume.

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3. Overlooked Underestimated Undervalued Mobile Home Park Investing Even though single and multifamily property sectors are highly competitive they will continue to be so. It’s what the average investor and fund manager understands. It’s their comfortable go-to asset. This is especially true given the current overall investment environment in which there are fears of a stock bubble gold is soft and oil and gas have proven unpredictable.

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4. Price-Per-Door Advanced investors and commercial real estate professionals use price-per-door aka per unit price when looking for value. This is why multifamily apartments rather than single family homes are normally sought out by funds. But the value spread is even wider than that between homes and apartments.

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5. Economy of Scale Serious investors need scale. Single family home investing is really hard to scale effectively. Some may argue that even giant firms like Blackstone and Cerberus simply weren’t prepared for the renovation and property management burden that single family homes proved to be. Seller financing is very common in the mobile home sector. Acquiring investments with seller financing can reduce acquisition and borrowing costs and increasing speed. 6. Seller Financing

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7. Building a T eam Building a team to invest in mobile home parks is virtually the same as for single family homes. You may want some specialists that are really masters of this asset class but it makes for a very easy transition for those that have been investing in single family homes.

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For more information: Investors-Academy- 1687838101432876/ For those looking to upgrade their efficiency in investing in real estate improve security and fatten their net profit mobile home parks can definitely be the step up investors have been looking for. There is nothing wrong with buying a single family home or two first. It’s a great time to buy a house or move up. But serious income and value investors will find the price economy of scale financing management of mobile homes and ease of entry hard to ignore.

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