New Launch of Android and iOS apps for watching video ads By Amazon


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New Launch of Android and iOS apps for watching video ads By Amazon

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5/15/15  In this blog we can discuss the new way of watching the videos through the mobile application in both the Android and iOS platform. According to the report Amazon company has been beta testing the Video ads for more number of months. As we know that we are seeing the video ads while using the Amazon application on all platforms. The users will often skip those ads while using the application.

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Android and IOS Platform

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 Amazon is planning to make the video spots to appear when the request is generated by the user in the Android application platform. Selling the video ads in the open platform helps to improve the growth of the Amazon company. By doing this Amazon will become a competitor for Google and Facebook in the windows application platform. As Amazon has not shared any details about the new plan the report says that the economy of the company will improve 6.8 to 8.8 current year.

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 The shoppers or customers who are watching the product related video in ios app development platform through the apps such as Facebook Instagram Twitter Youtube and so on are reduced when compared to the Amazon application. By making these videos in the separate application prevents the option of skipping the advertisement by the customers or the Smartphone users. This helps to provide knowledge about the benefits of every product in the market.

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Windows Application Platform

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 Hence this new plan of Amazon company will definitely help them to grow rapidly in the market among other social media and e- commerce application. It also helps to improve their share in the digital advertising market. And a number of smartphone users and shoppers are eagerly waiting for this new application for seeing the video Ads of various new products in the market.

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Digital Advertising Market

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