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Presentation Description Affordable mobile solutions for your business.


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PowerPoint Presentation: Mobile Site vs. Web App Presented By MOBBUX

PowerPoint Presentation: Mobile Web Searches The Power of Mobile Interaction! Current Statistics M ore than 60% of all web searches are now being performed from mobile devices!

PowerPoint Presentation: Option One Standard Website Conversion Built and managed by experienced web developers. Not incorporated to be updated quickly once generated. Unable to run real-time promotional offers to mobile users. Interactive marketing tools are not integrated. Mobile Premise – Limited Options

PowerPoint Presentation: Option Two The Mobbux Mobile Web App Interactive options to keep your customer engaged. Increase revenue faster than any other form of marketing. No need to hire a costly development team. YOU are in full control! Take Control with Mobbux

PowerPoint Presentation: Your Logo… Your Customers Phone Take Advantage of the Tools that Large Companies are Using Now!

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