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Performance Management System :

Performance Management System

Introduction :

Introduction What is performance management ? What is performance appraisal? PM: A strategic and integrated process that delivers sustained success to organizations by Improving the performance of the employees, and Developing the capabilities of individual contributors and teams

Performance Management vs. Performance Appraisal :

Performance Management vs. Performance Appraisal PM: the continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning their performance with the organization’s goals. PA: refers to the evaluating an employees current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standard.

Performance Appraisal vs. Performance Management :

Performance Appraisal vs. Performance Management PM is continuous, daily or weekly interaction and feedback, whereas PA is once or twice a year. PM is always goal oriented; Performance reviews involved comparing performance against goals which stem from company’s strategic goals. Performance Management means continuously revaluating and modifying how the employee and team get their work done.

Steps in Performance Management system :

Steps in Performance Management system

Performance Planning and Target Setting :

Performance Planning and Target Setting Joint decision on the target setting and performance benchmarking Supervisors - ensure that the targets are in alignment with the overall strategic objectives Appraisee : express their clarity with the target and what is expected from them. Preparing a plan or list of all performance requirements and benchmarking Revising and reviewing the list of performance targets.

Performance Monitoring and Coaching :

Performance Monitoring and Coaching Supervisors monitor the progress and the quality of the work output Use appropriate supervisory techniques to support employee efforts on achieving strategic goals. Recognize, encourage and reinforce good performance. Identify training and development needs.

Performance Review and Evaluation :

Performance Review and Evaluation Review the subordinate’s progress in meeting his or her targets Provide additional coaching and feedback. Identify unachieved targets Provide subordinates with required assistance in problem areas. Follow up on development and training needs Review whether adjustments to the agreed objectives/goals are required.

Performance Review and Evaluation……….:

Performance Review and Evaluation………. Record critical incidences that manifest the employee’s performance or critical strengths or weaknesses. Record the performance ratings after thorough review of the performance related documents, performance targets, work accomplishments and critical performance incidences. (Final performance is usually evaluated only at the end of the year)

Performance Rewards and Development :

Performance Rewards and Development Performance Rewards Financial Reward : Bonus, Performance Based Variable Pay (PBVA) Non financial Reward: Promotion, transfer, demotion. Training and development Managing Poor Performance Special Watch Program

Why PMS:

Performance Management Paying People Involving People Developing People Valuing People Why PMS

Why PM …:

Why PM … Total Quality Management Appraisal issues Strategic Planning

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