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CoinbaSe custOmer Care NUmBEr +1 833//905//..2008 It is unclear, however, whether the virtual event is said to the rumored efforts to travel public. A Coinbase spokesperson confirmed the meeting is coming but said it had been meant simply “to facilitate a wider understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.” “This won't be a standard investor day, but rather a chance to listen to our perspective on the cryptoeconomy and study Coinbase’s role within the ecosystem,”CoinbaSe custOmer Care NUmBEr +1 833//905//..2008 said the spokesperson, Daniel Harrison, during a prepared statement. He declined to supply further details. Reuters reported earlier Thursday that Coinbase was beforehand of filing for a public offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), before an immediate listing. during a direct listing, shareholders within the private market are ready to sell their holdings though the corporate iCoinbaSe custOmer Care NUmBEr +1 833//905//..2008 tself doesn't issue new shares or raise additional money. An investor day can often be a harbinger of a planned direct listing, as on the risk capital firm’s blog lost year. “The company will invite investors to their Investor


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