A Parent's Guide to Choosing Video Games

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A Parent's Guide to Choosing Video Games for Kids :

A Parent's Guide to Choosing Video Games for Kids ESRB Ratings

ESRB Ratings :

ESRB Ratings It's so often in the media right now - how violent video games are and how they are bad for children. While it's definitely not true that violent video games will cause otherwise sane and well-adjusted kids to behave violently, it's still a parent's right to choose what his or her kids can play. It's the parents' responsibility to look after their child and as such, keeping an eye out for ultra-violent, gore-splattered, horrific or graphic images in games is a good idea, especially for very young kids. That's why it's important for parents to read this easy to understand guide to video games' rating system.

ESRB Ratings:

ESRB Ratings On the cover of every video game is the Entertainment Software Ratings Board or ESRB rating. EC - Early Children No worries for parents! The games with an EC rating are suitable for children aged 3 years and below. Absolutely no objectionable content is allowed in this type of game so parents can rest assured that it's safe for their kids to watch. E - Everyone These are games that are suitable for children 6 years old and above. There might be some minimal (non graphic) violence with the occasional use of mild language. This is still pretty safe for all ages.

ESRB Ratings:

ESRB Ratings E10+ - Everyone 10 years and older Games with this rating are suggested for children 10 years and older. It may contain mild violence or fantasy and again, some mild language. T - Teen This is for children aged 13 years and older. These games are more borderline than the previous types becaue they do contain more violence and minimal blood plus the use of some strong words and crude humor.

ESRB Ratings:

ESRB Ratings M - Mature Parents need to beware of video games rated M because these are for teenagers 17 years old and above. This is the type of game that has graphic displays of violence and blood/gore along with sexual content and strong language. AO - Adults Only Clearly these are games that are only for adults so don't buy these for your kid's birthday present even if the cover looks innocuous! There could be nudity, sexual content and such in AO games. Games with this rating should not be played by kids. It is intended for adult players for it displays frequent blood and gore, violence, use of strong words, and graphic display of sexual content including nudity.

Online Multiplayer Games:

Online Multiplayer Games In addition, please be aware that online multiplayer games are not exactly safe for kids if there is free chat in the game. Online chat that is "free" means that it is uncensored and probably unmoderated. Since the kids will probably be playing with adults in an online multiplayer game, they may get exposed to strong language.

Online Multiplayer Games:

Online Multiplayer Games For online games, it is best to stick with those that are designed specifically for kids and have strictly moderated chat with parental controls. Parental controls are options designed into the game which allows parents to monitor and chose what their kids are doing online. The type of game that is popular among kids and teens nowadays is the massively multiplayer online games, also called MMO games or MMORPGs.

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