Update from the Department of Education - Nov. 2012

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See the latest TRIO news from the Department Of Education.


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Update from the Department of Education:

November 28, 2012 SWASAP Annual Conference Attended by SAEOPP President, Tracy Lyons Update from the Department of Education

ED Staff Finally Get Vacation:

If you have been trying to reach your program officer and have had problems, please know that ED staff were not allowed to take a vacation from February through September to ensure all competitions were completed in a timely manner. In an attempt to not lose vacation time, many ED staff have elected to take vacation time now. ED Staff Finally Get Vacation

Talent Search News:

APR due November 30, 2012 – no exceptions. Once your APR is received, they will be reviewed and if concerns arise, grantees will contacted on an individual basis. Programs are invited to make comments on the new APR. Continuation awards will be distributed in the early summer timeframe. Talent Search News

Educational Opportunity Center News:

The new APR is available for public comment. It is anticipated that the new APR be ready for use in late spring, early summer of 2013. Grantees are invited to make comments because you are the service deliverers. All comments due by January 22, 2013 Educational Opportunity Center News

Upward Bound News:

UB COMPETITIONS ARE CLOSED!!! ED Staff will be contacting grantees and providing technical assistance about budgets and answering any questions you may have. UPWARD BOUND APR DUE DATES UB - Dec 12, 2012 VUB - Dec 12, 2012 UBMS - Dec 31, 2012 Upward Bound News

Student Support Services News:

SSS APR delayed The SSS Forms will be available in mid January and then due mid-Feb . The Department will host webinar on Dec. 6 th , inclusive of providing assistance with PE points. Pretty much done with budget reviews.  Some issues with some grantees.  Hoping to develop procedures for the review. If you have not been reviewed/approved and need to be approved, contact Eileen Bland at eileen.bland@ed.gov SSS Competition – ED is hopeful that the next competition will be held earlier to ensure timely notification Student Support Services News


Bringing together Higher Education Programs has been 10 years since last one. Will plan sessions which will be meaningful to you share ideas for topics with Department by December 3, 2012 (planning meeting on December 4, 2012) Ed Meeting will include special TRIO sessions DEPARTMENT OF ED MEETING


Linda has been contacted about some comments by some staff.  Ask that people be patient while she is addressing those concerns and helping them with their responses. Childcare Access Grant - APR sent electronically; due 30 days later- same format Please read the Ed newsletter - thanks for sharing your stories and the successes. Hope to look at students and best practices to share with field 2013 - no major competitions Emphasis will be on more monitoring ( desk monitoring and conference calls ) More webinars on different topics Contact the Department with topics you are interested in. OTHER NEWS



Changes to Budgets:

There is no need to contact Ed about every change in budget. Linda Byrd-Johnson will work more closely with new staff about budget process since many of them were hired in the midst of the competition period. Please be patient Changes to Budgets

Supplemental Travel to ED Meeting:

There will be not likely be any supplemental reimbursement for travel to ED Meeting in March, 2013. Supplemental Travel to ED Meeting

Delay in SSS APR:

ED is working to ensure that grantees will receive your PE points immediately following your submission of the APR. There will be more information about this during the SSS APR Webinar. Delay in SSS APR

Fiscal Cliff Effect on ED:

TRIO will survive (remember 3.1% cut in 2010). There is nothing Ed can do to stop the fiscal cliff.  If negotiations fail and cuts are implemented, ED will make adjustments with most concern for effect on students - would occur fall 2013 if it happens. There is no directive on how cuts would be implemented. Fiscal Cliff Effect on ED

Restoration of McNair Funding:

ED still does not have funds to make up shortfall and will not make any promises before continuation awards are made. Restoration of McNair Funding


Membership Drive ends November 30, 2012 Early Bird Conference Registration ends November 30, 2012 Submit a Call for Proposal for the Conference SAEOPP REMINDERS

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