Making Change Happen

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Make Change Happen:

Make Change Happen Start at home.

Getting started:

Getting started What is your goal? Who is your Audience? What tools do you have in your tool box?

Look at the big picture:

Look at the big picture

Do your research:

Do your research What about your issues resonate with the relevant decision makers? Who matters to them? Are they with you? Who will be against you? Who is your primary audience?

You have THREE limited resources in any campaign:

You have THREE limited resources in any campaign People Time Money The more you plan ahead the more efficiently you will use resources…



Build a team:

Who do you need most? Who do you need least? What does a winning coalition look like? Build a team

Develop a message:

Develop a message US Why should people care? What is at stake? How will this make a difference? Them What will the opposition say? Will you respond to them? How?

Communicating that message?:

Communicating that message?

It’s really all about the choices :

It’s really all about the choices You need to show the decision makers the impact of their choices or votes You need to make the message simple, clear and concise. Above all things, include narratives and personal stories

Change takes time :

Change takes time

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