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Leccion 4:

Leccion 4 Nico Parbhoo

The subjunctive in adjective clauses:

The subjunctive in adjective clauses When the subordinate clause of a sentene refers to something that is known to exist, the indicative is used. When the antecedent is uncertain or indefinite, the subjunctive is used Necesito el libro que tiene informacion Necesito el libro que tenga informacion

Refelxive verbs:

Refelxive verbs In a reflexive construction, the subject of the verb both performs and receives he action Reflexive verbs always use reflexive pronouns (me, te , se, nos , os , se) Acostarse - to go to bed Lavarse - to wash ones self Levantarse - to get up

Por and Para:

Por and Para Para Destination Deadline Purpose or goal + [infinitive] Purpose + [noun] Recipient Comparison with others or opinion Employment Por Motion or location Duration of and action Reason or motive for an action Object of a search Means by which Exchange or substitution Unit of measure Agent


V ocabulario Los parientes La vida familiar La personalidad Las etapas de la vida Las generaciones


Centroamerica Costa rica El salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama

People :

People Ruben Blades – en sus canciones expressa su amor por la litura y politica

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