Catholic Schools on The Threshold

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The 1997 Vatican document from the Congregation for Catholic Education. The slide show presents the foundational principles, and implications for Catholic school educational leaders.


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The Catholic School on the Threshold of The Third Millennium:

The Catholic School on the Threshold of The Third Millennium Congregation for Catholic Education, December 9 th 1997

The Catholic School on the Threshold… Foundational Ideas:

Integral education of the human person Clear educational project Christ as foundation Has an ecclesial cultural identity Education as a work of love School serves society 4 The Catholic School on the Threshold… Foundational Ideas


Foundations Give students technical and scientific skill + solid Christian formation (8) The centrality of the human person on obedience to the solicitude of the Church (9) . Schools are not value neutral; our educational project inspired by the Gospel (10)


Foundations The ecclesial dimension is the heart, not an adjunct Evangelization Complete formation Inculturation Apprenticeship Dialogue (11)


Foundations Parishes and schools must work together (12) Faith and reason, knowledge and wisdom; all subjects are areas of formation (14) We are for all children, but especially the weakest and the poor (15) Their presence guarantees cultural and educational pluralism (16) Catholic perspective, but not for Catholics only (16)


Foundations Teachers have a specific vocation and mission; Catholic schools purpose can only be achieved through them (19) Role of the parent to be involved in the school (20)

5 Principles for Principles:

5 Principles for Principles Catholic Education is for life, service and evangelization All Catholic curriculum is a vehicle for formation Catholic Education is for all The heartbeat of the Catholic school is the teacher. Success will reside in the relationship between home school and the wider Catholic community.

So we need to work on:

So we need to work on Teacher Formation Evangelization of Families Permeation of the Mission in all aspects of school life.

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