Attitude Change Strategies (Advertising)

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Attitude Change Strategies : 

Submitted to: Submitted by: Prof. Manoj Bhatia Mohit Malviya Attitude Change Strategies

First Strategy : 

Increasing or changing the strength or belief rating of a brand or an important attribute. Maruti Suzuki Swift: Here Maruti is showing, speed is a very important for a car and and reminding consumers how well their brand (Swift) performs on this attribute. First Strategy

First strategy TVC: Swift : 

First strategy TVC: Swift

Second Strategy : 

Changing consumers perceptions of the importance or value of an attribute. Fevicol: The product is Fewikwik, they are emphasizing consumers to attach more importance to the attribute that is “chutki main chipkaye” and they are trying to increase the importance of brand. Second Strategy

Second Strategy TVC: Fewikwik : 

Second Strategy TVC: Fewikwik

Third Strategy : 

Adding a new attribute to the attitude formation process. Apple iPhone 4G: After 3G, Apple has introduced iPhone 4G, and by emphasizing this new attribute, they are targeting customers evaluating a brand. They had improvised and now influencing customers. Third Strategy

Third Strategy TVC: Apple iPhone 4G : 

Third Strategy TVC: Apple iPhone 4G

Fourth Strategy : 

Changing perceptions or belief ratings for a competing brand. Sprite vs Mountain Dew: In this strategy, marketers change customers beliefs about the attributes of competing brands. This is comparative advertising. Fourth Strategy

Fourth Strategy TVC: Sprite vs Mountain Dew : 

Fourth Strategy TVC: Sprite vs Mountain Dew

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