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Assignment on Product Placement in Movies : 

Assignment on Product Placement in Movies Mohit Malviya Aradhna Gupta Anu Singhai

Product Placement in Movies : 

Product Placement in Movies The below is the picture of the movie I-Robot starring Will Smith in which Audi car was plugged along with the Converse brand which Will Smith is wearing.

Product placement in movies : 

Product placement in movies In this trailer of movie Transformers, products like Ipod, Apple, HP, USA today, Ebay, Chevrolet, Porsche, Burger King, Panasonic, Hummer, X-box, Moutain Dew etc. are placed. In this trailer companies had placed their products so well in a single movie, as it makes this movie very eye catching. Transformers Trailer Please click right on the link and select open hyperlink option

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