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Culpeper County Public School Board :

Culpeper County Public School Board County School Board Meeting Monday, April 8, 2013 at 6:45 pm County Administration Office – 302 N. Main Street Culpeper, VA Mary Malok EDCI 506-01

Attendance: Board Members:

Attendance: Board Members Bob Houck Chairman West Fairfax District Robert Beard East Fairfax District Elizabeth Hutchins Vice-chair Cedar Mountain District Dr. Bobbi Johnson Division Superintendent Anne Luckinbill Salem District Leanne Malulani Jefferson District Rusty Jenkins for Catalpa District and George Dasher for Stevensburg District were absent.

Attendance: Audience :

Attendance: Audience During the opening sequence of the meeting, the audience grew to approximately 47 adults (including all but board members) and 30 students. After the presentations and recognitions a number of students and adults left. However, there was a student involved report that kept a large portion of the audience present until the report was completed. After the student presentation in accompaniment with the report, only 14 adults and 4-5 students remained until the completion of the meeting.

Decision Making Process:

Decision Making Process All actions within the meeting must be “moved”, “seconded” , and voted on by all members of the board. For example: The motion for a closed session was moved by Mrs. Hutchins and seconded by Mrs. Luckinbill . It received 6 votes of “Aye.” Through the meeting, various members of the board “moved’ and “seconded” decisions. All decisions for this meeting received unanimous votes of 6 “Aye.”

General Structure and Brief Agenda::

General Structure and Brief Agenda: Call to Order – Performed by Mr. Robert Houck, Chair Roll Call – 2 Absentees, 6 Present Closed Session – To discuss Personnel Recommendations Moment of Silence and Pledge of Allegiance Adoption of Agenda – One A djustment to p17 Presentations and Recognition – 3 Presentations Delegations – None Presented Consent Agenda – Various Requests for Approval Reports – 4 R eports Presented Board Member Reports – Comments and Information Provided Adjourn

Detailed Structure and Agenda::

Detailed Structure and Agenda: Particulars from the brief agenda will be clarified here. 5. Adoption of Agenda: This motion was moved by Mr. Beard and seconded by Mrs. Malulani . They agreed to one personnel change on page 17 of the agenda and all voted in approval. 6. Presentations and Recognitions: There were 3 pieces of artwork on display for the presentation of the 2013 Central Regional VSBA Art Show Participants. The second recognition was for a student receiving the Zealous Appreciation for Positive Performance Award. The final recognition was for Best Communities for Music Education Presentation. Music students presented the board members with a certificate, a poster, and a song. 7. Delegations: Ideas or concerns regarding Culpeper County Public Schools can be presented during the meeting. It is noted that items presented will not be acted upon at the current meeting, but will be referred for future research and report. Those wishing to speak are requested to sign in prior to the meeting on a form provided at the door. No one chose to sign or speak.

Detailed Structure and Agenda: continued:

Detailed Structure and Agenda: continued Particulars from the brief agenda will be clarified here. 8. Consent Agenda: A list of 6 items for consent was presented and approved. a. Approval of Minutes – March 11, 2013 b. Payroll and Payment of Bills – recommended by Mr. Beard c. Personnel Recommendations d. Permission to Apply for Federal Grants (Title I, II, III) e. Teacher Appreciation Resolution (May 6-10, 2013) f. Child Nutrition Employee Week Resolution (May 6-10, 2013) 9. Reports: 4 reports were presented. These will be further detailed on the following slide. a. Principal Report – Cathy Timmons ( Yowell Elementary) b. Student Advisory Council Report (EVHS) c. Construction Report – Hunter Spencer d. Finance Report – Jeff Shomo

9. Reports presented: Principal Report:

9. Reports presented: Principal Report Cathy Timmons, the principal at Yowell Elementary School introduced two 3 rd grade teachers to present a project. Mrs. Ward and Ms. Maestle discussed being placed in charge of creating a plan for improvement of the 3 rd -5 th grade playground. The teachers chose to include student input in the creation of a new playground. Each class was told to create a project design with a $5,000 budget . A video was used to present the students design process, detailing multiple steps followed. Such as measuring the space, and producing scale drawings. They performed cost analysis and budgeting and created a finished design. Both of the classes chose to miss recess and resource time to work on the project over 3-4 weeks. At completion, both designs were presented to all 3 rd to 5 th grade students and the final plan was selected from online voting by the 3 rd - 5 th grades students. The final design was not identified in the report, except to say that both teams used similar pieces and thereby can both be seen to have won.

9. Reports Presented: SAC Report:

9. Reports Presented: SAC Report The Student Advisory Council Report was presented by a high school student and included the recent activities of the group. There was a senior future planning meeting that addressed college and career planning. The senior students all spoke about their plans for the future. As the presenting student was not a senior, he commented on how helpful this meeting was for him in considering the questions he will face in his senior year. The second meeting was a seminar on finances. A student’s parent presented the seminar and discussed such topics as paying student loans, car loans, buying a 1 st home, and budgeting living expenses. This was apparently an eye opening meeting for many and has given them incentive to take planning seriously.

9. Reports Presented: Construction:

9. Reports Presented: Construction Hunter Spencer presented an update on the current construction taking place at Culpeper County High School. Specifics on the current standing of work as well as explanations for delays were presented. The current work taking place is mainly demolition. Delays caused by approval and obtaining materials. Mr. Houck and Mrs. Hutchins asked questions regarding the construction timeline and the specifics of the material delay.

9. Reports Presented: Finance:

9. Reports Presented: Finance Jeff Shomo provided each of the board members with a packet of information on finances. The packet included revenue, budget, and bills approved. Mr. Shomo proceeded to review the packet with the board by line, addressing both the current financial situation as well as future projections. Mr. Houck questioned if the federal reduction of funding was due to sequestor . Mr. Shomo stated that the federal government has reduced continually over the last 2 years, but sequestor could be a minor reason. Mr. Houck “Keep an eye on the bottom line. It doesn’t look too good. Although, it is positive and that is good.”

Conclusion of the Meeting:

Conclusion of the Meeting Section 10 was the board members’ reports. Mr. Beard requested observance of Holocaust Memorial Day. Mrs. Hutchins commented on how impressed she was with the Yowell elementary presentation. She also commented on having attended the Lord Fairfax Governors School Worlds Fair with Mr. Houck. She found the fair to be excellent. She also stated that the Tricounty Band competition was hosted by Culpeper County High School and will be hosted by Eastern View High School next year. Mr. Houck agreed that the student presentations were appreciated. Also, he specifically commented on the fantastic projects at the Worlds Fair, in particular the robotic cars demonstration. Dr. Johnson thanked Page Durham for her work with the music program at Farmington Elementary and her work to apply to the National Association of Music Merchant Foundation for the “Best Communities for Music Education Award.” Lastly, it was mentioned that there would be a public hearing to discuss budget on April 23 and support for funding of education was requested.

Impressions: Lack of Multicultural Representation :

Impressions: Lack of Multicultural Representation After our discussions in class regarding diversity in the United States as well as the push for multiculturalism in the classroom. I find it interesting that “minority representation increased over the same period, from 8.5% to 14%, but continues to lag behind the rising proportion of minority students in U.S. public schools” (Ornstein, Levine, Gutek , & Vocke 2011 p209). When examining the meeting, the genders were fairly equally represented, but minorities were not well represented. The school board does not contain a minority. In the entire audience for the meeting, approximately 5 individuals of the total 77 present in the audience were non- caucasion . This shows a lack of adequate representation for the different ethnicities present in the school system.

Impressions: Successful Governing :

Impressions: Successful Governing “the board’s role is to govern the local school district, not to micromanage the day-to-day operations of the system” (Ornstein, Levine, Gutek , & Vocke 2011 p212). The overall structure of the meeting was fairly streamlined. The student acknowledgements were completed first to allow for the students to leave early. The tedious business of governing the schools proceeded after in a streamlined movement from one topic to the next. The necessary items were thoroughly discussed and questions asked that clarified the important details. Decisions in the meeting I attended were routine, but were handled efficiently through motions and voting. The board provided a view of the routine business of governing the schools without being swept into the minute details of daily concerns.

Reference: :

Reference: Ornstein, A. C., Levine, D. U., Gutek , G. L. & Vocke , D. E. (2011). Foundations of Education (11th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning . Pictures retrieved from Microsoft Clipart.

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