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Irony in:

Irony in


Definition you expect one thing to happen, but the unexpected happens instead 3 types ~Situational ~Dramatic ~Verbal

Verbal Irony:

Verbal Irony a character says one thing and means the opposite Ex.) A girl has been bothering her boyfriend to ask her to prom. When he finally does ask, she says, “What a surprise”. Ex.) You get an ugly shirt for Christmas and say, “Oh, you shouldn’t have.

Situational Irony:

Situational Irony an event occurs that directly contradicts the expectations of the characters or reader Ex.) The firehouse burns down. The police station was robbed. The teacher failed the test. The student that didn’t study passed the test. The marriage counselor gets a divorce.

Dramatic Irony:

Dramatic Irony the audience knows something the characters do not ex.) The audience knows that the girl Romeo is attracted to at the party is a Capulet. Romeo doesn’t know that.


Example Act 4 Scene 1 lines 6-15 Paris : Immoderately she weeps for Tybalt's death, And therefore have I talked little of love: For Venus smiles not in a house of tears. Now, sir, her father counts it dangerous That she do give her sorrow so much sway, And in his wisdom hastens our marriage To stop the inundation of her tears, Which, too much minded by herself alone, May be put from her by society Now do you know the reason of his haste.


Example Romeo returns to Verona. He find Juliet drugged, in a death-like sleep. He assumes she is dead and kills himself. When Juliet wakes up and finds him dead, she kills herself with his knife.


Example Romeo and Juliet do spend eternity together. It's just not the way the audience hoped.


Example Consider the opening lines of the prologue: “Two households, both alike in dignity.”


Example Act 2, Scene 1 Mercutio and Benvolio see Romeo sneaking off. He is looking for his “one true love.”


Example Act 5 Scene 1 Juliet says, “I will confess to you that I love him.”

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