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Winter Haven, known as the “Chain of Lakes” City, is one of, if not the best vacation spot in Florida. It is right in between the two most famous cities: Orlando and Tampa. It’s in Florida, so you now the climate is great. And if you ever want to have some fun you can always visit one of the magnificent parks, museums, or other recreational areas/facilities in Winter Haven.

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Surroundings Winter Haven is right in between Orlando and Tampa, so there are tons of beautiful sites and attractions to find there you can go to Tampa to see the beautiful glass buildings which make great scenery if you ever decide to stay there. Or, if you go to Tampa you can find beaches as well as many other attractions. And, don’t forget, half of those glass buildings are great hotels. And Orlando, well what’s not to say about Orlando. There is SeaWorld, Disney World, Wonder-Works, etc. There are tons of gift shops and great restaurants. And if you go to Orlando Point the fun never ends. Also, Winter Haven is not that far from Daytona, where you can find many beautiful, peaceful beaches and resorts.

Fantasy of Flight In Fantasy of Flight there many different types of plains and helicopters. There are flying simulations for hot-air balloons, airplanes, and hang-gliders. And for extra you can actually go up in a hot-air balloon. There is an exhibit that takes you back through the history of flight and you can interact with each exhibit. Go to: to learn more about Fantasy of Flight Beaches (Max Beach) Max Beach isn’t just like any other beach; it’s a lake. Max Beach is the first and only beach that I’ve ever heard of to be made at a lake. It has slides that you can go down into the water. It has tons of shells and it is very fun. It’s nice safe fun with light waves but all of the excitement. For the Adults: Seminole Casino Brighton Seminole Casino Brighton’s got it all: gaming machines, no limit live poker, and high stakes bingo. The best part is the action doesn’t stop! We play 24/7/365, so chase your pleasures here and get some satisfaction!

Historic Bok Sanctuary The scenery is pleasing in all of its majestic beauty. There are ponds with pretty animals like ducks swans. And the tower’s beauty cannot be justified by the word outstanding; glorious would be a better word. So the tower and the gardens are both beaming with beauty. Winter Haven Park Winter Haven Park is a beautiful park with a boardwalk, beach access, a picnic area. You can eat, swim, fish, or just enjoy the view. Chain of Lakes TrailWhile enjoying a leisurely stroll or exercise, this trail allows pedestrians and cyclists to see many of the parks, neighborhoods and businesses that Winter Haven has to offer.

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More Attractions Kelly Park Kelly Park is a beautiful park near Winter Haven. It is actually in a place called “Apopka” or “Apopka Springs”. But this is not just a fun nature park; it’s most unique feature is “Rock Springs”. Running through Kelly Park is a beautiful spring that you can swim through. There are two parts of the spring separated by a swimming hole in the middle. But if you’re not going down in a tube you should watch out. The first half of the spring is full of rocks (only the first half). So, this could make for a fun game of “Dodge-the-Rock” or a painful toe-stubbing adventure. But, if you go in a tube, that should be no problem, and the scenery along-side the spring is beautiful. Lego Land Lego Land is coming to Winter Haven. They will open in October 2011. The City Commission of Winter Haven is working on a new economic plan to best serve the potential customers that will be drawn here by Lego Land. It is replacing Cypress Gardens and will be on a beautiful, large peace of land.

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