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Welcome to ENGLISH I with Florida Virtual School! Ms. M. Julie Maguire

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Surfing through the Presentation Introductions Grace Period Good Communication FLVS Policies Sneak Peak at English I

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It is the first 28 days that you are active in the course. You can drop the course during this time without it affecting your transcript. It is your “Free Trial”! You MUST keep pace during Grace Period or risk being withdrawn. If you drop after the first 28 days, or are dropped for not completing the required assignments, it does go on your transcript as a “W/F” which means “Withdrawal/Failing”.

Importance of Staying on Pace : 

Importance of Staying on Pace It is very important that you stay on pace and complete assignments each week, in order to successfully complete the course! When you fall too far behind pace you may be dropped from the course. Communicate with your teacher if you are unable to complete work or need help with an assignment.

Pace Chart : 

Pace Chart Enter the due date here (usually a Sunday)

Announcements Page : 

Announcements Page Helpful pages

IM Me for Quick Questions : 

IM Me for Quick Questions Just click in this box to type your message. Then click “send”. Locate the Windows Live Messenger icon on the English I Announcement page.

Communicating with my teacher : 

Communicating with my teacher Oral quizzes are required to pass the course. Call me during working hours when you come to one in the course. Or make an appointment. Call me back as soon as you can when I have left you a message. When leaving a message for me include your name and phone number with the area code and a good time to call back. You are allowed 2 weeks to use for vacation or emergency reasons, but please remember to let your teacher know when you will be taking time off.

Communications from your teacher : 

Communications from your teacher Check your Email at least every couple of days, if not daily! Also, check your Gradebook at least once a week to review grades and feedback on assignments you’ve submitted. We will need to have a monthly phone call where I’ll need to speak with you and a parent/guardian. Monthly Progress Reports will be sent out.

Parent/Guardian Account : 

Parent/Guardian Account Parents, click here to set up your own account. Parents can check student progress with a special account.

How do I know my grade, how long I’ve been in the class, and when to contact my teacher? : 

How do I know my grade, how long I’ve been in the class, and when to contact my teacher?

How do I know what assignments to do? : 

How do I know what assignments to do? LRC students will be sent a Pace chart tailored to your needs.

How do I begin a lesson? : 

How do I begin a lesson?

Need Help with an Assignment? : 

Need Help with an Assignment? You can click on this icon on the Announcements page to get help from other English students who are members of the National English Honors Society

Need Help? : 

Need Help? I have a virtual classroom/office complete with a whiteboard! Just let me know you need help on an assignment or make an appointment for “Tutoring”. You may want to click on this icon on the Announcements page to download the necessary files beforehand. You will only have to do that once. After that you can just click the icon to enter my classroom. Click to enter Ms. M’s Virtual Office

Quick…I need HELP!!! : 

Quick…I need HELP!!! For help with an English assignment, just email or call your teacher during my office hours. If you are experiencing technical issues, our FLVS Tech Team is amazing and will work with you to resolve those problems! To contact Tech Support by phone call: 1-866-322-8324 Representatives are available: Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm EST Saturday - Sunday: 8am - 2pm EST To submit a Help Ticket, visit the FLVS Support Center at:

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Here’s a Sneak Peek at what you can look forward to in English I…

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Segment 1 Module 1: Introduction to Class - This is a quick and easy module, but it is chock full of info that you want to pay VERY close attention to as you read! Module 2: The 5 Paragraph Essay - You’ll brainstorm a topic, make a thesis statement, craft an outline, learn about writing strategies & proofreading, and write the final draft! Module 3: The Novel* - Get your copy of the novel ASAP! You will need to have finished reading the novel by the time you begin this module. Regular Credit novel choices are: Honors Credit novels are: OR OR Module 4: Short Story - You will learn about the elements of a short story. You’ll choose one of the stories from the Module to examine in depth. OR OR AND *LRC students will complete assignments based upon a novel you have read previously for English I class.

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Segment 2 Module 5: Nonfiction - You’ll learn how to write a letter to an editor, craft a resume, and plan a class trip for your classmates! Module 6: Poetry - Don’t worry, you won’t HAVE to write poetry! You’ll learn about different styles of poetry and read other poets’ work. Module 7: Drama - “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” That’s right, you’ll read Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet! Module 8: Research - You’ll research information about your community. Discover your local government, community resources, and entertainment! Module 9: SAT Word Watch Project - Only students who have taken both Segment 1 and 2 will complete the SAT Word Project.

Feeling Confused? : 

Feeling Confused? No worries…that is what I am here for, to help guide you! I am available from 8am-8pm. Phone calls and emails will usually be returned within 24 hours and assignments graded within 48 hours!

Schedule Your Welcome Call : 

Schedule Your Welcome Call Click on the appointment icon on the English I Announcements page. OR Click on the flash appointments link in your Welcome e-mail OR Grab a parent and call 239-243-0433

Schedule your Welcome/Activation Call Today! : 

Schedule your Welcome/Activation Call Today! Ms. Maguire 239-243-0433

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We ask that you abide by the pledge you signed when you requested the course. IF you are found not following it, you may be dropped from the course and further disciplinary action taken. Do all of your own work. We use to check that the assignment has not been copied from a published source or turned in before by another student. What is “Academic Integrity”?

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