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My Best Friend, Tracy! : 

My Best Friend, Tracy!

How We Met : 

How We Met Believe it or not, the first time Tracy and I met we both reeked of sweat and needed showers badly. We had the same gym class and both found it funny we had to resort to the bathroom sink and antibacterial soap because we were desperate not to stink. After that we were like two peas in a pod. Tracy compliments me completely. The qualities I don’t possess she does. For instance she is a optimistic person that is always laughing and looking for the best in things and I am a pessimistic person that finds it hard to even smile at times. It is evident that from day one we have been the best of friends.

The Change : 

The Change Tracy originated from Southern California, where her and her family once had a very successful business but a horrific thing happened that devastated and crippled the family. Their business, shortly after opening, closed because the family was put into debt. Her father had heard his business was ensured to have bigger and better potential in Florida so after musing about the situation Tracy’s family packed their bags and moved. Sadly that idea was wrong and now every weekend Tracy has no choice but to work the weekends at a hot flea market selling cheap products at her family store. She is constantly working hard for her family to make ends meat. Tracy’s selfless attitude has highlighted a lot of things that were never really seen to me before. I have realized I have it better then a lot of people do. I have the flexibility of being able to spend money freely and afford the materialistic items most can not. I opened my naïve eyes and seen how unappreciative I was being and now I strive to earn and deserve the small things I am handed in life.

True Friend : 

True Friend My friendship with Tracy has never been cliché or a usual one but she will always remain my primary friend that I always carry around in my heart. She is a civilized and down to earth person also has a twist of sassiness and spunk. Although in the beginning of our relationship she was coy and shy she has opened up to me in many ways. She is not a taunting or malicious person therefore I trust her with my life. Vengeance is not a game of hers and she shows complete respect not only to me but to my family as well. Of course like any other relationship we have our downfalls but every fight we have soon becomes ancient history to us. Unlike many other girls or people for that matter she is not execrable because of her ability to backstab, instead she goes out of her way to get along with others.

BFF : 

BFF In comparison to the person I was before I met Tracy, I have undergone a complete and utter transformation. She has taught me to treat others with respect, even if they don’t deserve it. The way I look at her is as an extreme and full-time friend. She has never once evaluated my self worth and because of that I feel this need to be a better person. I look up to her and am influenced by her great attitude. She is not a contradicting person and has never started an argument with me. A synopsis of Tracy would be loyal, giving, and warm hearted. An ill word has never come out of her mouth about a specific person. This is my best and most loving friend and it’ll stay that way forever.

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