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8 propaganda techniques used by persuaders and advertisers 6.03 & 6.04

Definitions and Uses : 

Definitions and Uses Propaganda Propaganda is ideas or information that is meant to influence people through their emotions, instead of with facts. Persuasive Techniques In advertising, propaganda is sometimes called “Persuasive Techniques,” because someone is trying to persuade you to buy something, join, or act. Buy! Join! Act Now!


CAN YOU IDENTIFY THESE SLOGANS? Eat fresh Every kiss begins with Just do it Have it your way I’m lovin’ it For those who think young The few and the proud We bring good things to life They’re grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! It sticks to the skin, not to the sore. Snap, crackle, pop! Sorry rabbit, _______ are for kids It melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Dude, you’re getting a … Can you hear me now? Zoom, zoom, zoom Jingles are effective because they help people connect to the product.

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Bandwagon With this technique, the idea of hopping on the bandwagon is used. Everyone is doing it, you should too. EXAMPLE: “Come on, Americans, join your friends and neighbors who are already drinking Folgers.” What are some other examples?

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Name-calling With this technique, the advertiser will make derogatory comments about a competitor. That competitor may not be named, but with insinuation, it’s obvious…especially in politics. Example: When Quizno’s says their sandwiches are meatier than Subway’s, or when Orville Redenbacher says his popcorn pops up bigger “than the other leading brand.”

Name-Calling : 

Name-Calling What are some other examples?

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Plain Folks Appeal This technique often depicts a product as attractive to the ordinary man on the street or woman in the home. “Folksy” people are often used. The advertiser is trying to attract the majority (average) of buyers. EXAMPLE: The Dove Ad Campaign is using “ordinary people” in commercials and magazine ads to target a wider audience and attract various buyers.

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I’m no different from you, so you can trust me. plain folks Vote for me. I’m just like you, an ordinary guy! What ads have you seen that use “plain folks”?

Glittering Generalities : 

Glittering Generalities Using words that sound good, but don’t really mean anything. Creates a favorable image in the mind of the consumer. New and improved! Bigger and better!

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Glittering Generalities This technique uses slogans or simple phrases that sound good but provide little or no information. EXAMPLE: “…feel ten years younger…new and improved…family values…all-natural products”. Give some other examples.

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Some person recommends the product, either through first-hand experience or because he should be an expert in the area. This person is always named and is usually pictured in the ad. EXAMPLE: Tiger Woods says the following: “Smith golf equipment is the finest. I use it all the time.” All “Got Milk?” ads are this type of propaganda. Testimonial

Testimonial : 

Testimonial A famous person endorses a product May also use someone who isn’t famous, but who claims to have used the product successfully to obtain their goals. What testimonial ads have you seen?

Transfer : 

Transfer Using words that will get your feelings about one thing transferred to another thing. Usually deals with patriotism, but may also include Love or popularity Power and fame Money and wealth

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Transfer Good feelings, looks, or ideas transferred to the person for whom the product is intended EXAMPLE: “A whole new world of good health and good looks awaits you at the European Health Spa.” Can you think of other examples?

Another Logical Fallacy : 

Another Logical Fallacy Other examples?

Fear : 

Fear During wartime this technique is used often. It informs people that personal danger is imminent if they do or do not do some specific action.

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Fear Fear can be a very useful tool for propagandists in all arenas. You may have seen a television commercial with a woman home alone or possibly with small children, when an armed man breaks in. What do you think this commercial is for?

Fear : 

Fear Many medical advertisements often use fear to get you to buy their products to “cure” your fear. What ads have you seen that use “fear”?

Fear in Political Ads : 

Fear in Political Ads Politicians use fear all the time; either fear of what will happen if an opponent gets elected during campaigns, or fear of an enemy in wartime.

Name that technique : 

Name that technique DIRECTIONS: Number your paper from 1-5. Match the ad with the technique by writing the correct letter next to each number. An advertisement uses an old ugly librarian to sell cars An ad shows Barry Bonds, the famous baseball player, to advertise "Wheaties" cereal A product in a television commercial boasts: Over 1,000,000 copies sold!!! Don't be the last on your block to own it!!! A product boasts that it has a "new and improved" formula An ad in a magazine shows Britney Spears selling Pepsi Cola!!! Testimonial Transfer Plain folks Glittering generalities Bandwagon

Pop Quiz: Propaganda Techniques : 

Pop Quiz: Propaganda Techniques Number your paper from 1 to 8. For each of the following ads, write the name of the correct propaganda technique being used, not just the letter. Submit your answers for 6.03

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# 1 “Man the Guns” Bandwagon Transfer Fear Name-calling

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#2 Private Joe Louis Says… Fear Glittering generalities Plain folks Testimonial

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#3 Waste Helps the Enemy Logical fallacy Testimonial Name-calling Plain folks

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#4 When you ride alone you ride with Hitler Bandwagon Testimonial Fear Transfer

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# 5 Ours…to fight for Plain folks Testimonial Name-calling Logical fallacy

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#6 Warning Transfer Fear Glittering generalities Bandwagon

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#7 United We Win Logical fallacy Name-calling Testimonial Glittering generalities

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#8 Wanted Name-calling Glittering generalities Plain folks Testimonial

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What visual images, if any, appear in the propaganda? What do these images symbolize? What emotions do they seek to arouse? What is the purpose of this propaganda? What is it trying to get people to do or feel? On a scale of 1 (very ineffective) to 5 (very effective), rate the effectiveness of this propaganda? 1---------2--------3--------4---------5 6. Why did you give the propaganda that rating? Propaganda Analysis Choose one of the posters and answer the questions. (Submit for 6.04) Name of poster______________________

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The End A Maguire Production

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